Pro Tools: How to convert drum transients to MIDI | tutorial

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This Pro Tools tutorial explores how to convert drum transients to MIDI. Watch more at

This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter three of the Pro Tools Projects: Editing Drums Using Beat Detective and Sound Replacer course presented by author Brian Lee White. The complete Pro Tools Projects: Editing Drums Using Beat Detective and Sound Replacer course has a total duration of 3 hours and covers many of the operational modes and common workflows in Beat Detective, including tempo mapping and quantizing multi-track drums, and a variety of drum sweetening techniques like sample triggering with SoundReplacer and virtual instruments

Pro Tools Projects: Editing Drums Using Beat Detective and Sound Replacer table of contents:

1. Using Beat Detective
2. Beat Detective Strategies
3. Replacing and Sweetening Drum Sound
4. Drum Sweetening Strategies


Michael Connolly says:

1:35 just to get to the start point. Too long winded.

Sid East says:

Yes, This is the Concept , But there is a much quicker way than this, Setting threshold . Beat Detective

jedisteph says:

You are retarded and slow no wonder you are a teacher and not a dooer

funguy29 says:

Everything about protools seems ancient and retarded now.

Guilherme Izidro says:

Man…thats not a very smart way to work. I would love to see you do that to a metal drum track with loads of blast beats and etc.

Bruno Duprat says:

That is great minacious Work!
But: transport(Melodyne)>melodySettings>MIDIExport>ImportPTSession.Done.


run4buck says:

I use a way similar to this, but with less up/down strokes. I have NO idea why this work, but it does. Underneath the snare track, make two similar instrument tracks and draw in a similar note on the first hit, on both these tracks as he does in the videos. Group the two track (edit+mix). Mark the midi note you made and cut (cmd+x) it. Now simply make a group of the two instrument tracks AS WELL as the snare track. Then go to the beginning of the snare track, and hit tap. Once your at the hit, cmd+v will make a midi hit in the top instrument track. tap again till next transient and so on and so on… that will save you a lot of time going up an down the screen w the l+p butons…

Mark Dollar says:

This video is okay…but to be honest…this DOES NOT show you how to turn audio to MIDI….and you use and an EXTREME long-form way to do this….with beat detective, I did what you did in half of this video's time.

Isha Erskine says:

If you put the track your pasting on above the snare track you can just tab paste and not go up and down, also if you use beat detective to make the slices on audio track it has a threshold control to make the slices and it has less false triggers to tab too with tab to transient off

Alex Alvarez says:

Nice Video, but sooooo tedious! Surely there must be a way to convert audio to midi with velocity automatically, or send the audio to a virtual instrument as midi note ..?

floofytown says:

Decency and accuracy in this case are in your hands, as you're the tracker. Definitely not useless. Slow, yes. Boring, not for me. To some, maybe. If you get bored by a process like this, your passion is misplaced. Manual tweaking gets it done better — not faster, but better — than anything automatic.

PrismaticSpray says:

"urban vibe"

Rich Zoran says:

WOW. I lived in this world in 1997….. Welcome to the future.

svenedikt says:

Use groups with your midi channel, quicker.

Sam Haiman says:

Thanks this helped alot!

K4OS696 says:

what about accurate, decent VELOCITY tracking?
this sucks.
slow and boring.

morgenrrot says:

there's a quicker way if you vca/group your Audio track and your MIDI track
this way you won't have to go between the tracks every time you want to paste the note

tatem333 says:

Pro Tools really needs to step it up , who really has time to sit and do this. Love working in PT but its things like this that always have me going back to Logic.


MY PRO TOOLS DOESNT HAVE THE CONVERT BUTTON! Can someone please help me?!! what do I do?! I import my wave file and pressed add, and there is no convert button.

LastDayStudios says:

wow this is this is advanced level! finally.

PossessedGravy says:

Thank you, this video was fantastic!!

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