Pro Tools HD Tubing Bender Detailed How To and Product Review!

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Tubing Bender –

In this video we build a custom stand and assemble our pro tools tubing bender with the hydraulic add on! This bender is one of the nicest tools we have now and we show you how to set up the machine and use it to perfect curves. We also build a custom stand for it and make a transmission cross member.

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Build Break Repeat says:

Next big build starts next week! Kawasaki Ninja powered off-road buggy! It’s a monster stay tuned!

King Ave Garage says:

Nicely done guys!

Mad-Duk Machine Works says:

"We Grinded down the Top Weld" …..???? is that like GROUND DOWN? College Students???? which school? so I don't send my kids there!

Craig Corbin says:

Which dimple dies are those? Audio for me was not clear…

Randy Hertzberg says:

it looks EXACTLY like my JD2…nice to be able to see jd2 , rogue fab , and pro tool benders on the build channels

mingusbreeze says:

That turned out real nice. Thanks, guys.

Bob White says:

nice looking welds.

Dan Hambrick says:

You guys just stepped up your fab. skills.

Larry Ney II says:

You guys keep learning and keep doing !!!! After you get out of college don't get stuck behind a desk !!!!!!

geoffreyjones2000 says:

In the 90s, I purchased a tube shark II and built exo cages for my jeeps… I still have them 🙂

mobil proxy 101 says:

nise i keep up the good work

Moto Mule says:

Awrsome!! I have the 2002 version of that bender.. It has served me well for all these years. Look forward to seeing what you build with it!! Ninja buggy?? This should be good!!!

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