PRO TOOLS | FIRST AAE ERROR -6117 FIX (when you already have an ASIO Interface/ASIO4ALL)

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You will need ASIO4ALL or an audio interface that is ASIO compatible in order to use Pro Tools | First. If you already have those things, and you have tried other workarounds like holding down the ‘N’ key during launch, then this is the fix you are looking for!

For whatever reason, Pro Tools is very picky about it’s drivers, and sometimes it can’t find the ASIO driver when other Windows drivers are available. So try this:

Right-click the SPEAKER Icon in the tray.


In the PLAYBACK Tab, Right-click and Disable EVERYTHING! (one entry at a time)

In the RECORDING Tab, Right-click and Disable EVERYTHING! (one entry at a time)

Ensure you have an ASIO compatible Audio Interface with the ASIO drivers installed, and/or have ASIO4ALL installed.

Now launch Pro Tools | First and you will be able to choose your Playback Engine. Create a session, and make sure everything works.

After successfully opening Pro Tools | First, you can now close it, and then re-enable any Playback and Recording devices that you previously disabled. Use the same steps listed above, but this time choose ENABLE.

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Grand3 Lyfecuhh says:

Thank you!!! I literally tried everything and I am using a scarlett solo so if anybody runs into this problem please download ASIOALL that may be what you are missing!

Dave Nixon says:

Thank you I am form the future and you saved me 🙂

Nee Lee says:

Thanks our master. It works very well

Ritik sharma says:

Thanks man..

The Next Level says:

Thanks a lot

Alok Prasad says:

I'm getting the below error when I try to start a project
Could not save as "0000" because Assertion in "E: Code 238949 ProTools App Document UProjectBundleMgr.cpp", line 1696.

Could you please help me?

MrJoseSanti says:

i lovee u man!! 2 days trying to fix this

Chotu Chaiwala says:


Đinh Quốc Anh Official says:

I can't fix AAE ERROR -6117 for Avid Pro Tools 12.5 . Can u help me, please . My email:

Scott Miller says:

WOW! 2+ days of fighting with PT2020… Endless "N" key presses. Your solution worked 1st time. THANK YOU

Lucas Lino says:

It worked!
I also needed to disconnect my audio interface, and after PT opened I reconnected the interface and set it as the playback engine, only then it automatically appeared selected in the Hardware options.

Thanks a lot!!

Emanuel Arias says:

Works for Pro Tools 12. Thank you!

Jordan Scanlon says:

It still doesn't work for me. I'm using a Scarlett solo 2nd gen and these solutions seemed to work on my pc, but not my laptop

David Socol says:

I've tried every single solution – included this one. Nothing has worked. As a hail mary, anyone has a miracle cure? I'm so profoundly frustrated with this program…

Gean Franco says:

still getting the same error

Seth Anthony says:

Literally, Literally. Thank you

Omkar Satam says:

It still shows the same

Marco Nicol says:

Thank you for mentioning the ASIO4ALL bit. Turns out that was all that was missing.

Amine AIT HAMOUDA says:

Shout out to lads who disabled the devices while watching the video 😉 !

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