Pro Tools Basics: Punching In, Pre & Post Roll When Recording

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Pro Tools Basics: Punching In, Pre & Post Roll When Recording
In this video, we talk about the pre and post roll functions in Pro Tools, which are great for punching in while recording. Hope you like it!

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*** About This Video ***
Watch this video to learn more about how to do a pre-roll or post-roll when recording or playing back audio in Pro Tools. It’s great for punching in a word or phrase, or a chunk of music when working in Avid Pro Tools. It can help you if you’re working on learning how to do music production, or any type of audio production or audio engineering. Hope you like it!


Angel L. Gerena Sr. says:

You do a beautiful job BUT you talk too FAST. I was not able to learn anything until I heard it 5 times. Thanks..

The Stanken Rose Gazette says:

Exactly what I needed to know! Short and sweet!

OWDee Beats says:

awesome video for someone new to pro tools like myself thx

Tyler Herman says:

Wicked!!!! <3 great tip for sure

YourHaloCreations says:

How about loop recording with pre/post roll enabled? When I choose my pre/post roll settings with loop record, the playback begins from the pre-roll flag, but then enters my timeline selection and loops within the timeline selection; never goes to post-roll flag and never restarts at the pre-roll flag.

Noah Stiles says:

Another great video! (Stellar sound too!) Back to the fundamentals, Can I change the pre/post values without use of floating Transport window? Also, could you drop a video on Playlists?

Tre Roberts says:

Cerrainly was useful but more importantly you get right to the point !

Simply Joseph says:

thanks for sharing PT workflow with us i'm a Logic Pro man but felt in love with PT for the first time i used it especially for recording and MIXING very powerful DAW

Bob Henry says:

Very helpful, I'm going to try this later on.

DanielDLewis says:

I'm sure I've seen people put a metronome or some sort of timer over the pre-role in the context of foley recording etc (and a timing bar over the visuals). How would you do that? Keep up with this sort of content, really helpful.

Dwaipayan Datta Roy says:

Sing and blend ? Simple

Cato Zane says:

Hey guys, thanks for watching! Let me know what you think here in the comments, and let me know if you have any suggestions for future video topics?

David Palmer says:

this is brilliant. so, i've been using pro tools since 2003, and never bothered to learn punching in or any of that. i would just do the whole thing over, or use playlists to comp tracks together (realizing that it was more work). so, yeah, it's nice to finally learn how to do this.

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