Pro Tools Basics: Loop Playback, Loop Playback NOT Working?

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Pro Tools Basics: Loop Playback, Loop Playback NOT Working?
Ever trying to use loop playback and notice that it’s not working? In this video, we talk all about using loop playback, including why it sometimes doesn’t work (it’s a common question I get from my students!). Hope you like it!

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Keyway The Artist says:

still it wont work for some reason

John Winters says:

Quick question, If you wanted to loop a long selection but not start the playback from the start of the clip but near the end of the clip to see if the loop is clean how would you go about doing that? For example, lets say your clip is 20 bars long and you want to start from bar 18 to have it loop back to bar 1 so you don't have to listen to the full 20 bars every time. I hope that makes sense. Good videos BTW.

Mitch Sumner says:

She did not mention, which I just discovered, that it will also not work if any tracks are record enabled (at least on my system/version). Loop recording is a separate function, but in my case I just wanted to practice a section of a song on drums between takes and I have to toggle off all eight tracks to get a functioning playback loop. A bit annoying.

Miguel Carrillo says:

If you select less than 0.5 seconds it will not loop

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