Pro Tools Basics | How to Use the Zoom Controls

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Pro Tools Basics | How to Use the Zoom Controls
Zooming properly can make editing in Pro Tools faster and more efficient. In This video I go over all of the ways to zoom in Pro Tool



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Trav256 says:

a wayne can you do a video on how you process your hooks

Julian Joseph says:

Is Pro Tools over priced?

Nobby Nose says:

haha cool video man

Dr. Compassionato says:

WavyWayne, that was the most info packed video on protools I’ve seen to date! I’m a beginner and it was very clear, concise, and entertaining. I really liked your humility also, “WavyWayne makes mistakes too”, and the way you corrected yourself (I am a grammar nut too). I subscribed and will definitely be watching all your protools stuff. Keep them coming and thanks! Dr. Compassionato

KIDKC says:

Getting ProTools tomorrow after using logic for a while, watched a few videos and already feel confident!

gordon watt says:

Brilliant, thanks Wavy!

Ericson Presents... says:

What up bro…what do you use to capture The screen grab and audio? I can't figure out how to screen capture through my interface in studio one and to use to mic on a mac..what do you use? I'm using OBS…but I can't seem to figure it out…any tips?

brenda winston says:

can u make a video on how to use studio monitors?

Matias Tom says:

I think something useful for everyone to know is how to make a headphone mix.

godswarrior298 says:

What's up Wavy, question? I just uploaded a song to YouTube,It sounds good, It could have been better but,you know how trial and error goes. My thing is it sounds good on two speakers ,or probably OK by your standards, lol.But when I listen to it through one speaker,like on my phone I hear a echo type or reverb sound in my voice that shouldn't be there. What did I do wrong? I listened to it on my computer speakers, headphones for my phone, and my Shur Studio headphones and everything was fine.

HalfGold TwoSixx says:

Yo can you make a vid on mixing hooks? From ins&outs adlibs etc thanks a lot it would really help

Sammy Swish says:

Bro, what are the vertical zoom shortcuts?

Tx Faulk says:

Tell us big wav wayne

Adrian Tello says:

Thx Wayne for your excellent tricks, first-class​ info with lots of fun

A. Chill Woods says:

Selecting a section of audio and pressing option + F will fit it to the screen.

GizTv says:

You ever used the Raven Multi Touch? What’s your thoughts on it?

Sean McDonald says:

You're the man!

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