Pro Tools 101 | Bounce to Disk | Export to MP3

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Learn how to export your audio to a MP3 file. This video will show you how to use the BOUNCE TO DISK feature in Pro Tools. By using this feature, you can customize your MP3 and place it in a folder on your computer. This will allow you to email it or post the MP3 to your website or SoundCloud account.


Reave Watkins says:

Hi david
Are the mp3's bounced in real time?

Gargi Roop Singh / GRS says:

Thankyou David…☺️


good and clear information contact me on bouncing, reverbing, compressing , and executing the audio format on to a track and save in file on protools. thank you

Will says:

Great vid man no one else really goes over this and I’m exporting my first song from pro tools thx

Jibin Dhas says:

hello David myself jibin I am using pro tools first and I recorded a song along woith my keyboard and when I exported it and played it on my laptop the sounds got seperated like, in my left earphone I could hear my instrument voice and in my right the voice , i gave the interleaved channel while exporting and while in the pro tools session or through any daws its hearing good but apart from daws in any mp3 players its having trouble of seperation wish you could help me, I started working eith daws in my own with little bit tutorial videos from the internet, I am trying my best to do a christian albumn .waiting for your reply . thankyou

Solomon Desalegn says:

Hello David, thanks for sharing the knowledge. What is the difference between Export & Bounce in Protools? and how do you save everything in my project including the effects and the mix i did in to ONE audio file when im done mixing my project ???

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