Pro Tips – Routing From Pro Tools Into Mixbus

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Episode 4 of Harrison’s Pro Tips video series. This video demonstrates how to route audio from Pro Tools into Mixbus. For more information, visit http://mixb…


Harrison Consoles says:

You can use this method in Pro Tools v9 and later. Non-Avid interfaces / devices are not compatible with Pro Tools LE 8 and older.

lds251 says:

I notice you were using Pro Tools 10, I guess you can’t do it in Pro Tools 8.0.5. which I have?

Harrison Consoles says:

Glad you got it set up Berti! To make a real-time bounce, set up a new audio track and route the Master Out of Mixbus into it. Record-enable and roll! Thanks!

Berti Vox says:

I have finely done the routing from Logic Pro, it works but there is a problem when I want to export , the bounce is offline so there is a trouble of synchro MIDI, what can I do to make a bounce in real time ?

mixinginthebox says:

Good video..

Harrison Consoles says:

Any DAW that can route via JackRouter should be able to route into Mixbus. You have to set JackRouter as your soundcard in the DAW you would like to interface with Mixbus, then set channels from JackRouter as outputs for your tracks. It’s pretty much the same procedure as routing from Pro Tools, just different steps for different DAWs. Thanks!

Harrison Consoles says:

At this time, we do not support this feature in Windows. We may support it in a future version, so keep an eye on our channel!

We also don’t support MP3 enconding on export at this time, but we may implement it in a future version. Thanks!

Harrison Consoles says:

At this time, we do not support this feature in Windows. It may be possible in a future version, so stay tuned!

Harrison Consoles says:

We have had users ask for this tutorial because they want to use / manipulate virtual instruments within Pro Tools while mixing a song in Mixbus. Mixbus provides a much faster and easier workflow when a user gets to the mixing process.

Users who either record or edit in Pro Tools usually export their tracks and import them into Mixbus if they aren’t using any virtual instruments.

Breezebhard says:

I was wondering how Jack works, could you demonstrate this works on a windows system, I’d like to rout Reaper to Mixbus & is there a utility like “LAME MP3 Encoder” that can be installed in Mixbus so I could render rough mixes to mp3

George Ball says:

Is there away to do it in windows?

ThePhilip888 says:

Why would one want to do this? Have you had Pro Tools users want to do this? If so what were their reasons?

Jimmy Gallagher says:

Would love to see this using logic audio!

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