Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 – 3 Things I Like

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The StudioLive 16.0.2 mixer is a great option for us home studio folks. . .


D'Andre Martinez says:

I need some help, I just bought my presonus studio live 16.0.2 and a art mpa 2 i plugged my mic into the in coming out the preamp into my mixer channel 3 i can hear the vocals in the playback but it sounds horrible so horrible, is it my settings in studio one or the mixer or is the preamp

HomeStudioCorner says:

It will daisy-chain with their other FW devices, but I don’t know about the 2626. it’s older. CAll Presonus and ask ’em. That’s the safest way to know for sure.

almightyrat666 says:

I’m considering of getting the 16.0.2. But I want to make sure it can be daisy chained with FireStudio 2626. It looks like you have the 2626 behind you. Have you tried daisy chaining it?

HomeStudioCorner says:

Yep. It’s got 12 mic inputs. 16 simultaneous tracks of recording.

MrWonnabee says:

SO what you are saying, is,.. If I ran 8 mircophones, to record my drumkit, 1 to a bass, and 1 to a guitar.. It will be possible, to record and mix’n’ stuff? 🙂

robbiecanuck says:

Joe, when you’re recording in your studio do you use the main mix (i.e. the faders) for the performers’ monitors or do you use an aux mix? I would imagine that using the main mix as your “monitor” mix would be much more flexible.

Leonardo Schwengber says:

What do you think about buy a 16.4.2 to record instruments separated on studio? Is there anyway to record the tracks and overdubs (maybe more than 16 tracks) and then re-route the tracks on daw to one track? For example, can I record four guitar tracks separated with different PAN and them route a master track of this guitars to a SL channel to use the FAT Channel?

Brian Buckalew says:

On my latest release I tracked and mixed in PT10 and then Mastered in StudioOne 2. I really like how PreSonus arranged the Project window in StudioOne.

Brian Buckalew says:

Love my Digi 003

HomeStudioCorner says:

Yeah, using S1 on this record I’m working on.

christlovemins says:

BTW, I’m referring to “automation”. One last thing. Are you now using Studio 1? I’m absolutely loving the program.

christlovemins says:

So I’m curious. I noticed you previously used the Digi 003. Have you traded it out for the 16.0.2? And if so. What are you using for mixing? Are you using the fader port or using a mouse?

HomeStudioCorner says:

Nope. The manual says they were NOT designed to be on their side. Appreciate the input, but you really can’t know how they were meant to be used unless you consult the manual and accompanying documentation.

HomeStudioCorner says:

Yep. It’s easy to want to compress EVERYTHING, though. 🙂 

TheShackStudio says:

I have one. I love it! It rocks both live and in the studio. The compressor in every channel is great.

calamarines says:

Hola! y muchas Gracias por este video!, fue un video de los cuales, me decidí por comprar esta mesa!!, ya la tengo!! estoy muy contento!!, pero tengo un problema, con el controlador de la mesa para mi IMac!, va con Lion 10.7.3, y el Presonus Control Universal, que viene con los discos de instalación , NO FUNCIONA!!!,osea, que No me finciona , la Mesa 16.0.2, con mi I-Mac!!!,
Me Puedes Ayudar?????
Muchas Gracias!!

HomeStudioCorner says:

Yep, absolutely.

Fumukald says:

I have one question ,if is good enough for recording voice on tracks ?

premier86 says:

you look like george from seinfeld, just without glasses

masterstroggo says:

Turn on english auto transcribe and play from 2:10 for a laugh =)

HomeStudioCorner says:

1. You’re welcome!

2. Have you ever recorded in my room? 😉

Søren Hald says:

1. Thank you for this video!
2. You need to do something about the sound of that room.

MrMusic95 says:

great demonstration of the desk: /watch?v=adxvLifTuuQ

HomeStudioCorner says:

I would say the preamps and converters are better on the StudioLive, but again, it’s NOT a control surface.

HomeStudioCorner says:

It’s not a control surface, so it doesn’t do any of that. As far as latency, as I said in the video, since it’s just a mixer, there is no latency, because you can listen straight off the board.

HomeStudioCorner says:

Yeah, check a few comments down. The 003 and the StudioLive are completely different things entirely. One is a control surface; one is a digital mixer.

rama4suns says:

Hey Joe! Love your vids, I do have a question for you concerning Preamps, if you don’t mind. I’ve been looking around the website for some good preamps, and I was wondering if it is necessary to have on board eq and compression. Could you please explain some advantages and disadvantages if you were to get an on board eq and compression with your preamp. Thanks =D awesome vids btw

BluKolaBtz says:

Hello Joe ,I apologize if someone has asked this already, but digi 03 comes with protools…for near the same price, is there that big of a difference between the presonus and the digi? thanks in advance

BMUSIK101 says:

Great review

Bruno Baudewyns says:

Thank you for the reply 🙂

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