Playing With Jimi Hendrix and Writing Hit Songs (Duane Hitchings Interview)

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What does it take to make it in the music industry as a musician and songwriter? And how do you sustain a career for 60+ years?!

Today’s interview with Grammy winning musician and songwriter Duane Hitchings will inspire you, encourage you, and motivate you to make music.

In this conversation we cover:
– How to prepare for opportunity
– The 2 keys to longevity in the music business
– How he wrote a hit song by joking around
– The hills and valleys of “success”
– What to do when music no longer becomes fun
– It’s never too late to write a hit song

Learn more about Duane and his career (and connect with him) here:


George van Dijk says:

Inspiring interview… Chapeau!

chiparooo says:

Very interesting. Thanks to you and Duane for sharing!

Alexaander Joseph Martin says:

So blest by Duane and your testimonies! Thank you bro! 🙂

hub23 says:

Thank you Duane and Graham and Team

Mario Sergio Rubina says:

Thanks for sharing! Excellent interview.

Mike Lane says:

The "red flower pot" guys around 22:-ish were probably DEVO. 😉

Mike Lane says:

This was great Graham!
He stealthily gave the credit to God. 🙂

The really scary thing is that around 10AM this morning,
I heard "Do You Think I'm Sexy?" on the local classic rock station.
Then low & behold you put this video up shortly afterwards. 🙂

I'm sure (& hope) you've been busy.
Been kind of missing you out here.

Gonna go share this on Twitter now. 😉

Ruda Kudrnacek says:

Superb, inspiring! thanks both!

Wagner Barbosa says:

I love this interview.

Stefano Papaleo says:

I'd LOVE to see a collaboration Hitchings-Van Buren.

Stefano Papaleo says:

Wow. What a guy. Sort of 'the Forrest Gump of modern music' – at the right time, at the right place.

marksr12 says:

Great people are contagious! Both of you are great…Thank you both so much!!! Graham you continue to inspire me. Thank you Duane!!!

Scott Humboldt says:

This was killer! Thanks! (hope Rod takes a chance on his song!)

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