Peter Frampton Recording a Song on a Mac with Apogee JAM, and GarageBand

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Legendary guitarist, Peter Frampton, records lead and rhythm guitar using JAM, Mac and GarageBand. Connecting to iPad, iPhone and Mac, JAM allows any guitarist to record studio quality guitar tone in any location and as Peter Frampton suggests, it’s much lighter than his Marshall stack.


Guitarlicks4u2 says:

agreed Xavan ! He did a great job ! Now I want one : )

ForeverFrampton1 says:

I don’t think he would pitch a product that he didn’t believe in… He’s the real deal!

Jordan Thornquest says:

I love how honest Pete was in this video. He wasn’t senselessly raving in a way that would lead you to cry false advertising; he gave a pure, real opinion of the uses of Jam. Coupled with (in my opinion) the quality I’ve found in my own Apogee ONE, pros and cons together, my respect for this company is further bolstered. I love these guys!

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