Palms Studio Director Zoe Thrall – Pensado’s Place #143

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Pensado’s Place goes on the road and visits legendary studio director and engineer Zoe Thrall at the Studio at the Palms in Las Vegas Nevada! See more about …


itsThe1300 says:

Pensado, putting the “AVID” in “DAVID”. The first part of this episode was
really informative! Thanks!

Commit says:

Somethign about this woman irritates me a little… reminds me of a really
strict and no-fun high school teacher.

pedro blanco says:

Is this another Avid ad? :(

Arthur Stone says:

I don’t think sponsorship affects the quality of Pensados Place – after all
Pro Tools is the industry standard:

Great, interesting show as always. Thank you:)

Jake Antelis says:

Beginning was great, rest of title should say ” Palm Studio Director..and
Avid Advertisement” 

sn N says:

BTW thanks Dave and Zoe.. appreciate your time and info. :)

Martin Jakobsson says:

avid ad from 36:00

Bennie Pearce says:

Very informative Dave and Zoe!

TimeMarchesOnBand says:

“Sun City” was a great Record Rock meats Rap in the 80’s Bono was in it
Bruce Springsteen, Run DMC Grand Master Flash And So many other awesome

jorrin mulhollan says:


vhollund says:

Inspiring personality /vibe

ETmusic says:

Ill sleep when i die can i have a job.

Gil Costa says:

So great studio, so great people! congrats o/

treztracks says:

Cool show

Angel Perez says:

Interesting video but couldn’t help feeling like this was a real,real long
commercial for Pro

sn N says:

i’ve been tracking and mixing on Cubase.. I guess i need to sell my
vintage strat to be a pro and use avid/protools??? :(

PeerZehetbauer says:

Extended Cut Please… except the avid thing!

Analitio69 says:

very cost-effective

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