Check out “Rethink Drums” Your overheads are the backbone of your drum sound. This video shows how I like to EQ my overhead tracks to make room for any other close mics I may have used on the kit and bring clarity to my drums. This is a clip from the “Drums Boot Camp” video series
Once you grasp this concept, you will have MUCH easier time getting your tracks to sit together perfectly in the mix. Remember, mixing is all an illusion! Download my free eBook “The #1 Rule Of Home Recording” for more tips – In this video I show you an example of using side-chaining kick and bass. In this video I explain what a delay throw is and how to use one to embellish an important lyrical passage. – Here is one of the most valuable skills I’ve acquired as a mix engineer. This technique will help you easily get to your static mix and help you to avoid mixing in circles.
Check out for more! This is a demonstration of the HAAS effect and how you might use it in your mixes. You should listen in your studio or on headphones for the best experience. Want more cool production tips? Check out Thanks to all the brave challengers for this first Mix Challenge! Clink the link above to download the full session to mix it yourself. Mixing music is fun! That’s why we do it. However, there are some important aspects of mixing that are tedious and repetitive. Here’s a tip to help minimize the boring stuff so you can get to the good part faster! to join! If you’re serious about producing better mixes in your home studio take this FREE TechMuze Academy music production course. We focus on three steps to amazing home recordings. It’s all about the mix baby!
Part 1 in a series on mastering Cubase. Dezz Asante takes you through the basics of setting up your audio interface and buffer settings to get maximum performance with minimum latency. Please visit for more content like this!