www.homestudiocorner.com In this video you’ll see the 4 Pro Tools edit modes in action
www.homestudiocorner.com – In this video I explain how to use Xpand! in Pro Tools to add new sounds to your click track
From puremix.net This video shows how to setup your Logic session for analog summing. This video is an add-on to our Hybrid Digital Analog Mixing video: http
In this video, Fab from www.puremix.net shows us how a Dangerous Music 2-Bus makes it easy to incorporate all your outboard gear without the fear of latency.
More on: vintagemaker.net More on vintagemaker.site50.net Custom Built Vintage Summing Mixer Neumann v475 80 Input Neumann Insert/Send FX 40 Input Neumann Stereo/Mono Switch/mono Pan option/ Insert/Send/4 balanced out read more on gearslutz: www.gearslutz.com
For full instructions and kits: www.diyrecordingequipment.com
www.pointblankonline.net In this Cubase tutorial Danny J Lewis (Defected, Enzyme Black) shows you the old-school cutup vocal effect used a lot in the 90s house sound that is so popular in the clubs right now. For more advanced Cubase tutorial videos head to our 8 week Cubase level 2 course www.pointblankonline.net Please subscribe to our channel to get all the latest music production videos from our team of pro producers.
www.pointblankonline.net In this series of exclusive videos Danny J Lewis (Defected, Enzyme Black) presents the first available tutorials on the new features in Cubase 6. Although not C6 specific the Arpache SX makes a good demo in the new version. Featuring musical data from Trance Legend Mike Koglin.
www.looptv.net present UK Drum and Bass pioneer DJ Lynx at his production studio, offering insight into his Bass programming and processing methods for Cubase, to accompany his first sample pack ‘Eclectic Drum N Bass’ on Loopmasters. See here for details www.loopmasters.com In this video Lynx adds a bass line from scratch to his existing drum track using Trilogy, layering exports of the bass synth treated differently with Amp Distortion, and EQ. Plus he uses Edirol Orchestral to add in subtle melodic overtones to his bass line. Enjoy!
KP from Iceman Beats shows us how to create a dubstep wobble bass in Massive using LFO rate automation and then how to manually edit our LFO rate in Cubase.