Robin Porter from AMS Neve visits Vintage King to announce the release of the new Neve 2264ALB. Originally produced in the mid 1970s, the Neve 2264A (also known as 32264a) quickly earned its legend for hi-fi versatility, depth and transparency — all with the signature Neve larger-than-life tone. By popular demand, Neve later packaged the identical circuitry plus an internal PSU into the standalone Neve 33609. Many consider the 2264A their “desert island” compressor – if you could only have one, the 2264A would be at your side. Neve is a company that has never stood still, so in 1974 [More]
Steven Slate and Alex Oana of Slate Digital stop by Vintage King to discuss the Slate Digital Trigger Drum Replacer. LEARN MORE:
Overview of a Fairchild 670 compressor being restored by the Vintage King tech shop.
Universal Audio Apollo – Tracking In Real Time With Plug-Ins – Watch in HD! Welcome to this demo of the all new and exciting Universal Audio Apollo Interface. Im going to show you how you can record with sub 2ms of latency with a wide range of incredible plug-ins! It’s a producer’s dream. Please subscribe if you enjoy this video! Also like and comment! The video produced and all music used has been written by Alan Schaller.
Part 31 of 31 – Save yourself some time and effort by creating a mixing template of your commonly used tracks, plugins, and routing. It will help you get up and running on a new mix faster and more efficiently. Download my free eBook “The #1 Rule Of Home Recording” for more tips
Here’s a quick video review of this fantastic microphone. Using nothing but the SL150 and Garageband, I laid down a simple song to showcase how good vocals sound through this microphone. For more information on this mic, head over to For articles and helpful recording information swing by Enjoy!
Part 7 of 31 – In this video I show you how to use tape saturation plugins on your drum bus to bring warmth, character, and crack to your mix. You can get that analog, slightly compressed sound and give your drums an edge with a simple plugin. Download my free eBook “The #1 Rule Of Home Recording” for more tips
Gabe Bondoc performing at the “Apogee Digital” Show booth January 14, 2011. NAMM 2011 (National Association of Music Merchants) at the Anaheim Convention Center
This video shows how simple it is to connect the Symphony 64 card to a Apogee Rosetta interface. From 2 to 128 channels, the Symphony system is the most flexible and amazing sounding DAW available today.