Titre: Dance Computer 2012 Mixé par: Willy Deejay Durée: 4’49 Vidéo : www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYcPHmYJnqc Créé dans l’année : 2012 Web : www.willydeejay.com Cover Design (Pochette): Dj Snow Tracklist: Cobra Starship & Sabi – You Make Me Feel Dj Antoine Feat. The Beat Shakers – Ma cherie 2k12 Bingo Players – Rattle Rihanna – Where Have You Been Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull – Dance Again The Black & White Brothers – Put Your Hunds Up In The Air (Sample) Michael Mind Project feat. Bobby Anthony & Rozette – Rio De Janeiro Tacabro – Tacatà Havana Brown – We Run The Night Aretha [More]
Field marketing manager Greg Ondo shows you how to work with the mixer in Cubase 6.5.
Someone challenged us to make the most absurdist mic pre demo we could, and the best we could come up with was to try out the Black Lion Audio Auteur preamp on an Ovation Mandolin. No, there’s no forced-perspective used in this video; Owen and Matt are power-forwards.
It may seem like Matt Newport’s talking up his audio referencing skillz, but he’s just trying to share some advice culled from years of working with every kind of audio gear imaginable. He bought this RE204 to help target and eliminate distortion and other problem “specs” from audio equipment, but over the years, he’s learned to trust his ears. Just remember: it ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up. Looks like Matt Newport adheres to the teachings of Kid Rock; as should we all.
first tiny video in a potential series of tiny videos about how to use reaper. reaper: www.reaper.fm pink lemonade newmansown.com
Cubase: How To Arrange A Basic House Beat Using 5Pin Media Samples | WinkSound Learn more about the 5Pin Media sample packs featured in this tutorial: Classic House Pianos: bit.ly Minimal Tech Vol.1: bit.ly Bass Line: bit.ly Since it’s origin in Chicago during the mid-1980’s House music has been characterized by it’s staple four-on-the-floor kick drum pattern. Snares and claps are added on beats two and four of every bar and the kit is then filled out with hi-hats usually playing eight-note off beats between each kick. In this tutorial New York based electronic music producer and Azuli artist Biboulakis [More]
Mixing music can be a complicated process. This tutorial will help to understand the basics of music mixing. I cover the three basic areas of Equalization, Compression, and Reverb.