PART 2/2 In this week’s Into The Lair, Dave interviews GRAMMY nominated engineers Andrew Wuepper and Brian “B-Love” Thomas about their vocal tracking methods.
10 tricks in Cubase and Nuendo part 1
Lab Of Music — Cubase 6 Progressive House Project V3 This Project illustrates many of the techniques there are used in Pro- Studios using only Cubase 6.5: support @ This is the third official Cubase 6.5 Template of Lab Of Music! We are back with a brand new chilling progressive House Track for Cubase 6.5! You can load this Project in your Cubase 6.5 and see how to work like Pro’s with Cubase 6.5! 🙂 Also you will learn how you can Mix & Master a progressive House Track like this one, and also how to make the arrangement [More]
Showing you how to sidechain in Cubase 4 or 5
First of two parts of how to create a trance lead melody commonly heard in my music. The tutorial was created using Steinberg Cubase 5 but you’ll be able to do exactly the same any more or less any sequencing software like FL Studio, Logic, Alberton, or Propellerheads Reason. In this first part I go through creating the melody itself, transposing the melody, creating an atmospheric, euphoric, transforming and morphing sound by using the cutoff and resonance filters. You can listen to all my trance music on my main site: and please feel free to subscribe to me here [More]
Mixing music can be a complicated process. This tutorial will help to understand the basics of music mixing. I cover the three basic areas of Equalization, Compression, and Reverb.
Gilby Clarke talks to Mark Loughman from BAE about his 312A
Josh Homme talks to Mark Loughman about his BAE 1028’s
Kenny Aronoff playing through his BAE 1073s and 312A’s
Mark Loughman of BAE Audio talks about the BAE 10DC Compressor/Limiter at the 2011 AES Convention in New York City. LEARN MORE: