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In this video, aimed at those who are already familiar with Pro Tools but who may be new to working in surround sound, we take a look at the basic concepts and workflows for working in surround in Pro Tools Ultimate. The topics covered are listed below. For convenience, I have included approximate start times in case you wish to jump straight into a particular subject. 0:50 5.1 1:43 7.1 1:54 SDDS 7.1 2:43 Pro Tools surround panner overview 3:31 Dolby Atmos integration in Pro Tools 5:28 Basic 5.1 mix of live gig recording 13:39 Brief introduction to divergence 17:23 [More]
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►► Download the 7 Step Song Planner for FREE – http://songwritingacademy.com/planner/ In this video, multi-platinum songwriter Martin Sutton breaks down Dean Lewis’s breakout single, “Be Alright”.