Download our free music theory and composition course catalog: Enroll in Music Theory and Composition 4: A classic “dream sequence” sound, the whole tone scale is just that – all whole steps. The scale provides a nebulous, unsettled feeling with its lack of fa-mi or ti-do resolution. In this free music theory lesson, Kari Juusela introduces the whole tone scale, and provides some quick examples for composing with its two possible transpositions. About Music Theory and Composition 4 This core music theory course is the fourth of a four-semester curriculum that continues to build a foundation for your [More]
Listening to Spider-Man’s soundtrack for the first time, I got the same cozy feeling that you get when listening to a track that you know very well. I often find a lot of superhero music to sound generic, or predictable, but this wasn’t the case with Spider-Man. The soundtrack has a familiar-but-fresh feeling that is mirrored almost exactly by the game itself: old characters, old storylines, old web-slinging-poses, but presented in a new and exciting way. I tried to briefly explore how the game’s music struck this balance in this video. Hope you enjoy! Tony Zhou’s wonderful video on the [More]
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This is how you can grow your Instagram following fast! You want to grow your brand and business faster and you know that posting more often to social media platforms such as Instagram is what you need to be doing, but what should you be posting? Now you might be a few years into your journey or just getting started, but the thought of having to post fresh content daily or even multiple times per day puts you on the verge of a panic attack and you’re starting to feel burnt out just thinking about it. Well in this video [More]
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A look at how to use grooves created from MIDI Data to alter the timing of a MIDI part to allow replication of either parts you have already programmed, or the groove of classic pieces of music tech history like the TR-808 and others. Grooves from Mars MIDI:
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Happy Friday! We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. In today’s episode, we are joined by one of our audio world’s greatest talents, and a great friend of the show, Greg Wells. Tune in as we discuss his work on the 2017 movie, The Greatest Showman. You’re at The Place! Pensado Preferred: 15% OFF on ALL Warm Audio Gear NOW – Dec 31st. ITL: Making Your Mixes Loud (Throwback) The Blackbird Academy Live Sound and Engineering Classes: Avid: Westlake Pro: Fab Factory: Warm Audio: Sonarworks Eventide AudioSourceRE Subscribe to [More]