This week we sit down with David Bowie Producer / Engineer / Mixer Mario McNulty for the 387th episode of Pensado’s Place! Bio: Producer/engineer/mixer/collaborator Mario J. McNulty began his career in NYC 16 years ago working for Philip Glass at his studio, Looking Glass. Within a year, Mario became a freelance engineer/mixer working for David Bowie and Tony Visconti. In 2008, Mario won his first Grammy Award recording Angelique Kidjo’s star-studded release, Djin Djin. Little did he know when he left Phoenix to come to NewYork that it would take a little less than 7 years to reach such lofty [More]
Today we learn how to count to 4. The basics of how to count rhythm in Common Time…part 1. Don’t forget to Subscribe: More Two Minute Music Theory: Connect on Social Media: Facebook: @twominutemusic Twitter: @twominutemusic Instagram: @twominutemusic Music: ukulele/the jazz piano –
In this video we give you a behind the scenes look into our Melodic Techno project file template for Steinberg Cubase Pro. Access the project file here: Cubase users, the template you’ve been searching for has finally arrived. Welcoming Asteroid, an advanced project file for Cubase created using only stock plugins. Asteroid is a high-quality production that pushes the legendary DAW to its limits and beyond. Featuring cutting-edge processing and exceptional sound design, using Asteroid will reveal the hidden capabilities found within Steinberg’s ultra-powerful environment. Learn how Cubase’s native FX can transform your audio in unique and interesting ways. [More]
With Pro Tools | MTRX, you gain the superior sonic quality of DAD’s legendary AD/DA converters, plus flexible routing and monitor control when used standalone or with Avid Pro Mixing surfaces. And because the interface can be customized with the analog and digital I/O you need, you can take on the most demanding music and post-production challenges. Effortlessly.
A quick look at io settings in a new Pro Tools session.
Help support the channel by shopping for templates and more at Sub-masters provide an additional level of control over multiple tracks, simultaneously. This helps to make mixing in Pro Tools a lot more fluid and efficient. *********************************************** LETS CONNECT! Follow me on InstaGram Like my Facebook Page email me: ******************************************** Thanks for watching The Wavy Way Tip of The Day! Please Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe! How to Create and Use Sub-masters In Pro Tools | Mixing Using Subgroups
Video Lesson 1 The Major Scale Formula in my contemporary music theory series. Download the handout that goes with this lesson here. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Guitar Neck Shootout: Fender vs Squier vs Mighty Mite” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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