Check out “Understanding EQ” for a free video course on modern mixing. It’s important that you determine the best placement for your subwoofer if you want to get the most accurate frequency response in your mix position. Here’s a simple (and sort of strange) technique to help you find the most ideal placement for you subwoofer. Comment & Subscribe! ~Dezz
Inspiring Musical Creativity Through Technology & Technique Here’s another workflow hack. When you create great plugin settings, save them as presets so you can get back to a great sound quickly! Simple yet effective! The first Mix Challenge! Here’s a helpful tip to help you have more fun mixing records. Spend some time setting up your session so that it never impedes your flow. This will allow you to get to the fun part quicker!
Visit “”¬†for a free video training series on mixing like a pro! – Ever need to remove a vocal from a song? Here’s how. – For more like this, check out my website!
Check out my updated tour!! – I’ve been running Home Studio Corner for 6 months and have never given a tour of MY home studio, so here it is!