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“Should I use online auto mastering services like LANDR or eMastered?”

It’s one of the biggest questions I’ve gotten in the past 2 years. And it’s a good question.

I have used both services, as well as professional mastering engineers (and self masters) over the years so I can tell you from experience if they are a good fit for you.

Today I want to break down two reasons why you SHOULD use the services and one giant reason why you SHOULDN’T.


Dan Wentz says:

Great points. Not over thinking is so important


I use LANDR and I master my own music. I always compare the two and choose the best one. Truth is…nothing matters if you don’t have a fire ass mix.

Matthew Lujan says:

Big AMEN, brother.

thespacerobb says:

Very good advice and great video!
However I have a different opinion regarding autotune. I agree that it fakes a part of the performance by messing with the overall sound of it. However I think that Autotune nowadays is used to edit out totaly natural imperfections in pitch which in my opinion is wrong because it doesn't stay true to a singer's ability. Reverb on the other hand stays true to the performance and more often than not makes things sound more interesting.
Anyway your videos helped me a lot back in the day and I really appreciate your work! Greetings from Germany :3

SkipperbySkip says:

The main takeaway I get from this is: develop your ears to be able to recognize a radio ready mix as well as what isn't and why. Then, use what suits your taste (or budget, or deadline…) to get there – master it yourself, pay another person to do it, or use a service like LANDR or eMaster. I may be wrong, but I'm nonetheless very grateful for this post. Your knowledge, honesty and communication make for one great package. Thanks again!

Matias Neiff says:

I think that all this tools only use LUFs to mastering, nothing else. There is no robots or anything else.


All your video get very big motivation for me!!! Thank you!!!
Respect from Ukraine!!!

TheChosenOne says:

It's like asking if you should use a debit card or credit card. Use whichever one suits you or use cash.

Daryl Quevada says:

I used BandLab last time, out of the 5 songs that I uploaded I ended up doing another master on 1 of the songs.

cARL aNDREW says:

Nice way at looking at it. I think it was CLA that said “there is no right/wrong way to make a sound! “ the end product is what we are looking for!


use mastering it's totally free forever tell them GODTONT SENT YOU

Mark pianist says:

Yes Graham! I posted on a Facebook group trying to help them understand what mastering is about. They all basically said I didn't know what I was taklking about when I do.

Bottom line is if it sounds good it sounds good. It really is the mixing engineer that makes it sound good all the other moves in mastering are minimal and don't cause a huge change.

Thanks for your great vids.

NextSongs4God says:

I have used auto mastering and had no doubt that I could do better personally!

Luiz Fernando says:

Right on point, great video, man


Where can I find information on your mixing services?

Dj Kamikaze says:

I use AAMS to master all my songs

ternitamas says:

I am a translator and I have the same feeling for google translate. It does the job if you have no better option and you need it done . The results can vary from acceptably decent to utter delirious, so it's your choice. If you can afford a professional to do it that's the best way to go and you'll get quality. If not, you have that other option, which is better than nothing.

Henrik Petersson says:

I have to disagree with you there Graham. A big part of the mastering job these days is to correct issues that stem from the mixer having a less than ideal listening environment. In other words it's a kind of way to proof your music to sound well in the outside world.
So how can you as a mixer decide if the mastering process took care of those issues if you if you are listening on equipment that might have created the issues in the first place?
So "if it sounds good to you" is not as relevant as "was it done right?".

Of course, if you just want to make the mix fatter, more exciting and louder then that's somewhat of a different matter.

I think the automatic mastering services/plugins can be a great tool if you put out a lot of less precious content and want to save time and/or money. Or as an inspiration/reference for that matter.

Tark Retz says:

These services are for the demo producers

Accurate Beats says:

Great video! I just love your way of thinking about stuff.

That Guy says:

Graham saving the day as always

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