One simple tip to practice music theory

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One simple tip to show you how to practice music theory.

What’s your #1 Progress Killer when it comes to getting a great tone on the saxophone?
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Here is some of the gear I use (some are affiliate links where I get a very small commission):

Trevor James Signature Custom Raw Saxophones:

Theo Wanne Gaia and Durga 3 Mouthpieces:

10mFan Tenor Sax mouthpieces:

Want no more neck or back pain?
You’ve got to get the Vandoren FNH 100 Harness!

Legere Signature Reeds:


I now use Rovner ligatures, particularly the Van Gogh:

Want to stop sticky pads? Use Key Leaves: (affiliate link)

I use PEAK Music Stands, mic stands and saxophone stands, like this TenorSax Stand:

VocalEze and LipEze products:

AMT Quantum 7 Mini Wireless Mic:


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