One Overlooked Question Every Home Studio Should Ask –

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Даниил Леонов says:

I love your philosophical approach to things. About me… I think the only
new thing that worked this year is putting a slice of cheese inside of
potato pancakes (lol, but it really works good). Everything else pretty
much sucked, including my recording experiments =)

blood lord says:

This is something i’ve been thinking about recently these past months. For
me using too many synths as instruments didn’t work, kicks from synths
didn’t work, multiband compression on everything didn’t work lol, and
trying to make a song in one genre of edm didn’t work. What worked so far
was using recorded instrument vsts as well as drums, less synth’s as
instruments, using classic compressors like CLA-76 and puigchild, and
mixing metal/rock with edm works best and is most enjoyable. What wasted my
time the most was making hardstyle kicks (I spent days on them for 8 to 10
hrs a day) which by the time i learned how to make a good one I couldn’t
stand hearing hardstyle kicks anymore. Also trying to make a science
experiment out of a song by doing too much sound design instead of making

Xolin11 says:

These are questions I’ve been asking a lot since last year because I
noticed my tracks have been getting more attention since and I was more
confident about those tracks afterwards. However, I could never answer the
questions. I don’t really know why they were successful or why my other
stuff wasn’t as successful. So I’m stuck in another creative block.

em Jay says:

I love the fact that your videos are more than just ‘how to achieve this
one explicit goal’. They are more than just in-depth tips one by one that
can only be applied to certain mixing techniques and that’s it. No. Your
videos are often very mind opening and your view on mixing can be applied
to so many other things.
For example I had an in depth conversation with a friend of mine when we
talked about his past and how he had to change from the bad person he was
back then to whom he is now and I remembered your video on subtractive EQ
to unfold what is already there and bring out the best in’em. And that’s
what I told my friend, that he already was that nice person he is today all
the time, he just had to subtract some of his characteristics covering up
his good personality inside him.
You are more than just a teacher in audio engineering, you are a very very
valuable mentor.
Thank you for being you, Gram.
Stay blessed.
And if this should be your last video for this year I already wish you and
your family Merry Christmas

Diogo Pedrosa says:

I’m really excited for this next year. I’m having my first gig this
saturday and if that goes well it will be the start of a great year of
music. I want to commit to writing and by the end of the year I want to
have an EP recorded! And you’ll be, for sure, a big part of the ride, thank
you for all your advices! 

Koyanagi Edits says:

Pro tools hasn’t been working on Mavericks 10.9.5 and above. 🙁

Mavericks basically screwed me over. v.v”

FlashFlareLetsPlays says:

Great idea. I like your simplistic approach to music. 

JayVee C says:

Hey graham love your videos and blogs and I’ve been a follower for a while.
Your one of my inspiration in making music. I ran into some problem and I’m
wondering if you can help me out. I finished a beat and done my rough mix
and ready to record vocals now when I’m recording I realize that my vocals
and instrumentals comes out in my headphones and studio monitors at the
same time. I was able to turn off my studio monitor by going to the back of
it and turn down the volume but it’s obviously NOT the most efficient way
to do. So I’m wondering if you can help me out or give me some tips on how
to monitor the signal separately without me turning the volume up and down
on the back of my speakers. I’m using a audiogram 6 Yamaha with a headphone
plug in. Do I have to buy a different interface for monitoring separate
signal or is there another way I can do to fix my problem? Please help me.
By the way my mic is plug in into my behringer pmh1000 which is connected
to the interface. I just want to be able to record without hearing the
music coming out of my speakers and just going out to my headphones. Thank

Rodney Bunkley says:

What worked for me this year was ignoring the urge to purchase “the next
best plugin”. I just used what I had in my DAW and that helped me push out
a lot of mixes. It’s so much easier to have just 2 compressors and one
saturation plugin than 30 different compressors and so forth. It’s like
once you get your 1, 2, 3 step system going with just those few reliable
plugins, then there’s no point in buying anything else. Just messes up the
workflow really.

candsofillusion says:

I was kinda lost these past few days but after watching this video, I know
realized something. Thanks you so much.

William Hood says:

Thanks graham I really needed to hear this…

James Gahagan says:

Best channel on youtube, hands down!

Aaron Dowd says:

Hey dude! Great video, love what you’re doing.

Just wanted to mention, the reflection of the light behind your camera in
your eyes is super intense and a little distracting. Just wanted to give
you a friendly heads up.

Keep up the great work, and thanks for the videos!


bout to start making my lists, its such a simple yet effective idea to
figure out my direction musically & in life, thanks for this vid!

Todd Zimmerman says:

Nice idea, very practical and straight forward. I enjoy the series, it’s
great that you take the time to share your experience and discoveries.
Thank you, have a great 2015.

venu gopal says:


Drasko Popovic says:

What a fantastic statement!
Thank you so much for asking the question for us 🙂
God bless and happy holidays!

Tear Music says:

I’m working really hard every time to get my EQs on my instruments right,
can’t get to work it just yet. So I’ll be learning even harder next year ^^

linoleum36 says:

Great video, great message! Live more intentionally, rather than
reactionary! I will definitely take this into the New Year! Thanks for
the post!

Jayson Escalona says:

Sleep a little more. You look tired. 

Arturo Ayala Chávez says:

Thank you for these advices, are very useful my friend. 

Nathan Bryan says:

Hey Graham, What are some good home studio isolation mixing/recording
headphones that are $100? I’m looking at the Sennheiser HD-280 PRO? What do
you suggest for a small home studio?

Blind Fret says:

Following and watching you was a Huge Win for me this year ! Thank You !

EpicMovieMontage says:

big fan graham! you’ve really helped me grow as a mixer 🙂 thanks for these
videos bud

mbdtsmo says:

Those eye reflections freak me out.
Good advice otherwise.

Dave Gannon says:

Thank you for all your videos. Theyve been a huge help.

JlDaBlackSuperman says:

Great Video Man. Loved It!

Alfredo Bejarano says:

Your vídeos worked for me this year, thanks!

Juggy Jug says:

I DId This .. AND I got KEEP IT SIMPLE and BASIC! 

Franco Mob says:

Interesting stuff….A+

Mitchell Boothey says:

Next level advice 

John Mark Varney says:

Great post Graham! 

britsluver says:

Your eyes are amaze

Rhesdyan Suherman says:

Thanks my mentor :D

Maroc says:

what is this ?!

Ryan Griffiths says:

Real talk :D

Audio Student says:

Excellent video as always Graham.Your advice is spot on!

rawstarmusic says:

What worked was watching certain youtube videos on plug-ins that I own.
There is so much to learn before buying any other. What didn’t work is
finishing and completing projects. Many good half-tracks on my HD. So they
are idea driven and next time there will be another good idea resulting in
a new track. To many of those. 

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