Nick Sibicky’s Music Production Secrets #29 – Cubase 7 MIDI Editing Views

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TEMAOHI2787 says:

HELLO!! I must say your videos are quite fantastic! May I make a humble request? I see that you, like me use Windows as your OS for Cubase. Mac OS easily allows multiple Audio interfaces. Win OS seems to only allow 2 Audio interfaces, and ONLY using ASIO4ALL. I have, and want to install two interfaces: 1, A 7.1 Surround Output Device, and 2, a MOTU 24 Input device. PLEASE show how this can be done. SURELY I can’t be the ONLY person that would LOVE to be able to do this!……THANX in advance!

NelsonClick says:

I like your point about the MIDI key editor (piano roll) window and how it truly is the best way to edit MIDI data in a sequencer. I completely accept that. However, I wish there was a way to see the keyboard not vertical on the left but horizontal for any track I choose. Nobody (to my knowledge) is doing it this way but it’s the way I most wish to see it. Largely, I want to immediately see at a glance which octaves are being used, over used and not used. I know Cubase is best at MIDI.

Lin Da says:

like you video

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