New Padshop 2 | New Features in Cubase 10.5

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The granular and spectral synthesizer Padshop 2 is a brand new VST included in Cubase, which unifies everything from Padshop and Padshop Pro, but adds new features and a spectral oscillator alongside the granular synthesizer, allowing you to create completely new sounds. This new VST virtual synth features a drag and drop sampler, parametric EQ per layer, algorithm reverb and over 100 presets. The new spectral oscillator adds high end time stretching and pitch scaling, with a powerful arpeggiator section, third envelope, two extra polyphonic LFOs and a new filter set. Padshop 2 is a very powerful VSTi virtual instrument, which brings an unlimited number of inspiring and unique analog synth sounds to your music productions.

Follow the link below to download the Padshop 2 Presets that Dom created:

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Martin Sigut says:

Please, what settings of Padshop is used 2:57 in video time? Thank you. (Between Lonesome and Chromium alloy)

Artur Godlewski says:

Can Padshop 2 be used in other DAWs without eLicenser (I'm not Cubase user)?

Chris Chaton says:

Just bought cubase 10.5 pro … And cubase 10 5 is awavesome.. Really… When i think i began with cubase on atari 1040 and audio on falcon… Waow…

Lone Ranger says:

quite interesting . is it not.

And X says:

what is new? it was possibly more than 20 years ago

Wizmos says:

So i paid for Padshop Pro in Absolute 3 and now it's free in Cubase 10.5 right? Great combined Steinberg sale same product twice, thanks but gonna sale all your products and swap to StudioOne !!!

mrtvi46 says:

Will my old Padshop Pro patches work with Padshop 2? Or do I have to keep both plugins installed for older projects?

CodeIsLife says:

So Padshop has been removed from Cubase Elements? That's cold Steinberg, ice cold.

TheFujac says:

new padshop is worth the upgrade price all by itself….great work steinberg!!

MarcBSounds - MBS says:

I wish you people at Steinberg would upgrade your 1080p monitors

Charles Ferraro says:

Pretty frustrating how you don’t explain what the new spectral oscillator does. Sounded like you described something akin to a wave scanning oscillator like Skanner XT. Or is it a more traditional spectral section like Iris 2? Even the website just references this video so now I have to dive into the manual to find the answer.

Mohammed Sultan says:

I was expected to add (Varispeed) feature، But unfortunately not 🙁

stefan kominko says:

Hi, is Cubase Pro 10.5 compatible with windows 7 ?


a Question To You I Just Payed and Insalled 10.5 i Did The Update From 10 to 10.5 But The New Pad Shop 2 Did Not Instal It Is Not There

meedily says:

What about the tiny-ass waveform GUI?

野龍 says:

Not quite relevant but as someone who planned to get Cubase in the future (well… probably a few months later) and potentially crossgrade to Nuendo after that (I do think I might be able to make use of those additional features), am I gonna lose some of the feature (like the one in this video) when committing to the crossgrade or is the plan being (for Steinberg) to ultimately make Nuendo more or less up to date with Cubase's ".5" update in some way?

Also, since I'm currently a Dorico Pro user, if I'm getting Cubase in the future, will I be able to use HAlion Sonic Orchestra (provided by Dorico Pro) with Cubase without buying another license? Asking this because I didn't find a way to use it in FL Studio.

Stefano Lanzavecchia says:

Nice. Though I must notice that the cool kids (BitWig cough *cough*) would have included all these new features in the Sampler channel. Instead, by making it a separate plugin, Steinberg seems to have condemned the Sampler channel to a quick and certain decline: dead technology at this point. Too bad, since the Sampler channel could have been so much more. But, worse, they'll have to maintain it forever, even if it's barely more than a prototype and probably almost nobody uses it. And every developer knows that each extra line of code, no matter how useless, increases the costs of future maintenance and development: a burden, abandoned.

Eric Bellerose says:

A new CC121!?

Rolla Coasta Ride says:

I'm still on Pro 9, with padshop pro, and I've still not got round to even using padshop pro, there's just so much in there to explore as it is, but I am an old fart 55 Year old

Alex Chen says:

Need A Cubase 10.5 wallpaper!! Release please!

Nick Saya says:

I had to roll back to 10.4. 10.5 was killing my cpu

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