NEVER Do These 3 Things When Networking In The Music Industry

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Ryan Cash says:

1,2 and 3 all make sense,,,

Kenneth Eskandari says:

When we make it we’re giving you the cred for all this advice bro

Kate Grealy says:

People need to learn basic etiquette. Sorry for your loss man. Happy new year. Thanks for all you do ✌️

xXGhettoBlasterXx says:

This is not just good for the industry, but for work in general. Great stuff

Conundrum Records says:

Sorry for your loss bro

Marvillous Beats says:

About number 2: If someone came to YOU for your services and then dropped the ball on a situation (lack if communication and follow through)… can you not check that person in a professional non-salty way?

Otiose Ryu 7 7 7 says:

2019 wave, thats all i gotta say. Check it out if you want. if not i understand you dont like me self promoting.

SincerelyWilliam says:

Also whoever wrote that rude ass email to you is an asshole. It's ridiculous that someone thinks you should just drop everything for them , because they sent an email. Fuck that guy

SincerelyWilliam says:

More importantly, how does one get a meeting with you?

Theodore Kidd says:

You're a trooper for going out of your way through hardships man, all the best for 2019, keen to see you continue to go up, solid content.

Naledi Mabenge says:

Amazing video!!!!! Lmao why is Tyler the thumbnail though

Zachary Aghaizu says:

wow number 2 is meeee. I get blanked messages and feel like I should either remove or not message the person. how do you know if the person is actually busy or they don't want you to message, without constantly repeating a message and looking desperate?

BlackGold Soul says:

The dislikes must be those people you are talking about lol

Adam G. Vestevich Jr. says:

#1 so underrated

EK Mixed That says:

They be coming for Sean lmao

@HussOnTheBeat says:

#1 is huge in all areas of life. Solid video

Raise The Village says:

Always handle business stoic

McChisel says:

Very true Sean – Sounds like that Haiwaii 5 O actor who snake his way around pissimg a lot of people off

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