NAMM 2018 Avid Updates To Pro Tools

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This year ProTools is changing its version numbering system, which while not big news, actually makes sense, now versions will be named by the year and the month, so January release would be v 2018.1 0 makes sense right?

Additionally, new features in Pro Tools include a more comprehensive Track Presets function, retroactive MIDI recording in case you missed it, improved coming tools and playlist manipulation, plus iLock Cloud support.

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Artisan says:

Which shortcut key for a camera tripod?

Sasha Mihalik says:

Its Too Late

Dafaa says:

I see mixing guys use pro tools, but that's about it. Production wise it's cancer, hate these old Daws, try change their Interface and call it "Modern Daw" code that's was created YEARS ago. Bitwig is years ahead of any Daw, there's a system called "modulators" which you can add a modulator e.g LFO, Step ladder List goes on and automate built in synths/effects or any third party Plugin parameter. Studio One is cool Daw too, + Bitwig also has a crash friendly feature stops your Daw from crashing (when it crashes it'll turn off it's engine and you can re-load all plugins etc) You don't have to ever worry about losing your projects!

monowelt says:

how funny, copy old features from other DAWs and sell it as new

prallund feucht says:

watch DAW electronic musicians hate on a true recording DAW. yes they are behind on innovation. industry standard always is. continueity in quality demands more than just a lot of samples and creative songwriting and audio-warping toys, this is not what recording is about. recording is about managing inputs and serializing your production workflow on the more technical end of things. these things are not priorities to electronic music producers who do not record symphony orchestras or do not mic for surround cinemas and their software is not made to actually cope with this stuff, whereas logic and protools were always the go-to standard when it came to bigger projects – which in times of economic hardship are not exactly getting more

Donn DeVore says:

dude said "Protools Two Thousand and Eighteen". they don't want to call it Protools 13 haha

Cédric Mialaret says:

It's sad that PT is the industry standard when it's years away from the competition and just plays catch-up.

Creator's Remorse says:

Oh great… so maybe in 3-4 years you guys will be like Ableton 9.

Elliot Alewel says:

Finally getting with the times!

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