My Industry – Bryan-Michael Cox – Talks Music Publishing, Songwriting Tips + MORE | Link Up TV

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g a says:

I co-wrote a song with an artist in my group. I produced the record , I also wrote and sing the chorus while he is only on the verses. He is spending a lot of money trying to promote the record, how do we split copyright/publishing?

Jj Bb says:

Good words with the 5

Andrea Pereyra says:

Awesome interview.

Seoul Goode says:

funny every artist, writer, producer talks about publishing, yet it's the first thing they try to take from you, or take from you, when you sign a contract.  Interesting, yet shady.  I think it's best to get into a contract when you're not desperate and ur mind's clear.  When you're thirsty and desperate, you'll sign away everything.  Phuck that.  I want to get royalties and publishing checks 50 years from now or have my grand kids on easy street just like these folks.  

dejuan lemons says:

Coukd you please check out my covers @dejuanlemons singing is my passion just need someone who knows music to check me out thanks

Raphael Gantt says:

thanks for that info. quest? can a publisher be a producer as well? example, suppose a publisher wants to do a deal with a writer that has written the lyrics, and the publisher has produced the music but still wants to publish the product. Is this possible and if so what kind of split would there be with it?

Music .Licensing says:

This is great info. Thanks for sharing. I have a ton of videos about music licensing and how to get music in tv and films. Check out my channel if you're interested.

Dayna D Staggs says:

Bryan Micheal Cox Good Interview. We need more these kinds of information for the new artists. Keep up the great work..

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mrinowat2dowitit says:

why the f@#k did you edit out the business part???

aolesnyckyj says:

Dude, props on all your success but, hot damn, you don't start talking music publishing until 6:18.

Chelsi Battle says:

His advice is great!

tompezl says:

whats the tune

Bexdastar says:

link up tv went in

ajjurae says:

Remember When Link Up Tv Was Small, Getting Bigger Brudda Every Day #Wad'Else

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