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This is just a quick tour of my set-up here at home. Here’s a list of what I got so far: -MAC PRO G5 Dual 2.5ghz, 6GB of memory/RAM nad 500GB of HD storage -(2) Presonus 8 channel Firepod -AKG Perception 100 Condenser Mic -CAD Pop-Filter -Tama Rockstar Custom 5-piece Fusion Set -7 piece CAD drum mic set -Line 6 Flextone III XL 2×12 -Shure SRH-440 Studio Headphones -Cubase LE, Digital Performer, Reaper, Garage Band Here are some links to stuff I’ve recorded: (Everything) – (Drum Tracks) – (Everthing) – (Everything) – Thanks for watching. Just hit me up if interested. I work on a “PAY WHAT YOU CAN” basis. Located in Victorville, Ca


dennisplus1 says:

No I have never used either of those programs. Yes I’ve used various brands of microphones. It all comes down to personal taste and your pre amps. Thanks I really appreciate the comment.

kjchicago1 says:

You ever used Sonar 8 or Propellerhead Music Software? Or Maybe Samson Mics or AKG Mics or Sennheiser Mics or Neumann Mics or Audio-Technica Mics or Rode Mics or Audix Mics or Shure Mics or MXL mics or Blue Mics or Electro-Voice Mics? Nice Studio Setup, BTW!

SMSOfficialCh says:

Look at my home recordig studio….

dennisplus1 says:

liljayreppentheoc says:

were is it for free at

YungMillionsTV says:

i got a samson c01u and im wondering what audio interface should i get that will work with this mic? its a usb mic btw… also will pro tools work? i need help im trying to have a little home studio

Redik6 says:

Yea dennis is right… but make sure you get a preamp! it is most important for the vocals it keeps them nice crisp and warm.

dennisplus1 says:

yeah that was a few years ago. check out the new set-up in one of my updated videos. thanks for your comment.

dennisplus1 says:

you are completely right sir. I was just really infuriated with what they were saying. I usually just shrug things off but they were getting racial and personal for no reason at all. But I should have kept my cool. thanks for the comment man. I appreciate the whipping.

OZPerpetue says:

You sound like a dick really, I agree with you, and understand your point, but it seems like you wanted to sound superior, I don’t even know what they originally wrote to you, but answering them that way doesn’t really make you any better than them.
You could just let them know you are not poor, without showing off.
I know you probably don’t care about what I tell you but it’s just a suggestion, again you can just ignore it if you prefer. I don’t want to fight, and won’t.

rthompson995 says:

seriously? srt monitor with a dual socket mac?

Theshamham says:

u shouldnt be mixing and/or monitoring with your damn stereo…

dennisplus1 says:

lol . . .you don’t really need all this it just makes things better. a computer some good software and a usb mic and you can do it. and if you can maybe an interface.

Skeith0X says:

i thought u just need a fuckin computer…and a mic…im fucked

dennisplus1 says:

My Father found these for me IDK where. but you can find them a guitar center Sam ash craigslist . . . acoustic foam.

invisiblePerson99 says:

hey can you PLEASE tell me what are those YELLOW sheets you put it on the wall in the recording to kill the echo and where did you get them? PLEASE RESPOND

dennisplus1 says:

yup. lol

DannyPolDiaz says:

word, I figured you must have been recording a live band with that many I/Os, that’s badass. I just do the drums first and add the rest later, I can’t do it all live. Ha i noticed you have the same Kustom PA we have in our rehearsal room, we bought it like 7 years ago that thing is a beast. I’m about to get me a new ibanez, can’t wait. I’m happy with my set up for now, until I start putting paychecks towards toys lol Take care bro check us out on fb, Make Them Docile

dennisplus1 says:

yeah its been a good mic so far but It’s time for me to upgrade as well. I need the 16 channels for whole band recordings. 8 for the drums, one for guitar, one for bass, one for keys, one or two for vocals and maybe another guitar. Trust me . . . I use them lol. But I’m planning on upgrading the interfaces too. Thanks for your comment man.

DannyPolDiaz says:

I want that AKG Im using an MXL 990 for now, but I got the SE electronics reflexion filter, that makes a big diff in the vocal booth I made. I like how you have 16 channels with the firepods, Im using an fp10 presonus interface I just have the 8 channels but I never need more than that

dennisplus1 says:

well obviously you haven’t seen my other updates. I have a 25″ LG HD monitor now. And as far as mixing monitors I have two JBL 2325 pro monitors to mix with. watch my other videos and tell me what you think. Thanks for your comment.

benthemiester says:

Small video monitor for such a big computer, but whatever works. Ever think about using real near field audio monitors? There a lot easier to mix on.

dennisplus1 says:

haha thanks man. appreciate the comment.

dennisplus1 says:

Hey man I work with what I got. sorry.

dennisplus1 says:

LOL yeah that was stupid I’ll admit. haha

HalevG says:

lol ziljian zbt’s I hate those things

dennisplus1 says:

Sorry its taken me so long to reply. just buy a shock mount since you need to buy the mic clip for it. thanks for the post.

graffunderground92 says:

hey i have the same mic and im about to get a mic stand but i dont have the clip or idk what it is to hold the mic. do i really need it?

dennisplus1 says:

Never had a problem with things like that. My room was pretty isolated at this house in the video. I haven’t recorded any drums since my move though. But I wouldn’t imagine it to be a big problem with directional mics. Thanks for the comment

martiallaw565 says:

When you record drums, how do you soundproof? Like ambient noises (footsteos, pets, ect)?

dennisplus1 says:

lol thanks man! and I’m still getting more haha. I just picked up the brand new Quad Core Macbook Pro today. Tomorrow I’m getting these awesome sounding JBL Studio Monitors and it just keeps growing. It just takes patience and persistance.

eyadmadani says:

u just got all the things tht i dream of having !!

DannyPolDiaz says:

U know how I know ur awesome? U have the same cups we do at home lol that and u have alot of the same gear I do thumbs up bro!

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