My FAVORITE Piece of Equipment in My Studio

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Happy birthday, Grandy.


grunge2012 says:

I love this Joel

Brian Wechtenhiser says:

Love it!  It's not always about the number of plug-ins, channels, bandwidth, etc.  It's easy to lose sight of what's important.

Gabe King says:

You could cast that thing in some kind of Sci-Fi horror movie as a prop or something…..

Chris Clark says:

That is so freakin cool

Mickey Hunkin says:

AWESOME. I love stuff like that.

Jim Patrick says:

Easier on the eyes watching from this angle as the light from the windows creates washout on the video. The Windows could do with shades

C Benedetto says:

Fix it man! Power to all the grandpas out there!

Punk Duck says:

Cute! You gotta fix that thing, I'm sure everyone wants to see it working now! What a lovely Grandpa.

Ricardo Perez Jr. says:

Happy b day to your G Pa. Stay blessed.:)

James Hall says:

That is too cool Joe. Hearing you talk of him makes me think of my Grandpa and all the little things like that, that he did for me. Happy Birthday Joe's Grandpa!!!

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