Must KNOW Music Theory: What’s Important (Sale)

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Daniel Fleet says:

Thank you Rick. You have made me a better singer, musician and overall lover of music. It would be awesome to meet you one day.

James Heaney Regalado says:

Thinking about what you say with chords used in songs nowadays, a What Makes This Song Great of When I’m Cleaning Windows by George Formby would be really interesting. The chord progression is so clever in those old songs!

ayo778 says:

Thanks Rick now I know what I'm doing for the next couple of months bought the Beato Book and the Ear Training course it's making a real difference to my songwriting and playing.

roomandaroom says:

Hey Rick, great video! Thanks! Can you talk about what people need to know, theory wise, for achieving various goals? Like, do guitar players who just want to jam with their friends need different theory foundations than songwriters? I would imagine yes, but maybe not.

The Rock Hour says:

I have the same blue shirt – ive never seen another one

Joey Lightsey says:

I have never been to big into theory but I am a great writer.. I bought your book and have been watching your vids and they are very helpful.. I am trying to learn everything I can.. Thanks for showing us what is the most important to learn first.. If I can get a better handle on theory I think it will take my writing to the next level.. I love neo classical stuff and I been getting heavier into the blues scales as well.. Thanks a ton Rick!!!

karl der kahle says:

I tuned my drums after circle of fifths after this video…I can remember it now!

Jim Zaroulis says:

I always like to think of it as circle of 4ths, that way you get C F (BEADG)flats BEADG(Naturals). .

Brian Alex Live In The Livingroom says:

Rick, I think this video is awesome. Thank you.

David Taylor says:

So what's the difference between the 9th and the 2nd, the 10th and the 3rd, the 11th and the 4th and so on? Never understood that!

burado1974 says:

Read my mind, was thinking this the other day. Good starting point to build from. Thank you!

David Patheyjohns says:

Got bored with you Channel so unsubed. Your a salesman.

Manzil Deuja says:

If you already know you be like yep yep yep yep!
Otherwise its like what what what what what?

stormshadow2k says:

I've just come to terms with the fact that Im too stupid to understand any of this. That or I don't know enough basic stuff to comprehend this.

K Si says:

Rick is the best. The knowledge he gives us here is the fuit of a lifetime in music business

Zach Phillips says:

Rick, will you do a "What makes this song great 'Kate Bush'"? Her production style, layered vocals, use of instruments like the Fairlight etc. have always fascinated me. I'd love to know what keeps me hooked to her songs beyond her beautiful voice and compelling lyrics. Thanks.

PreahSorya Band Official says:

How can I buy your books?

kdcyp says:

Hi Rick, I’m a big fan of your channel and as a theoreless guitarist who knows the basic chords I’ve just bought your book hoping to break down the solid walls of theory learning. Having opened at the first page, then flicked through subsequent pages, I realize that I haven’t bought the key to the lock but a huge reference library that the key is held somewhere else, a teaching course by chance? Am I right or am I just dumb please?

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