Musical THEORY on the Violin

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S N A P C H A T: Brettybang | Eddy.Chen


Edward Masters says:

relative minor should be natural not harmonic jjjjus sayin

Putin's B0n3r says:

I barely passed my grade 5 theory as I didn't give a shit about it and proceeded to play professionally and now I know just how painful is it not to know theory.

Take theory seriously guys.

fjf sjdnx says:

I mean a form and technique isn't really music theory is it? It's more about a composition technique

AA says:

I thought I knew what I was guessing

hayden burrows says:

I have never heard someone sound smart talking a about music

Rasmit Devkota says:

I am rewatching this, and I think you should do it again but you're not allowed to actually apply the theory, you have to make a reference to it

Nancy EnJay says:

Shout out to the excellent editor

アニメゴミ says:

When eddy says the wrong answer, and Brett shakes his head

Me: what happened to no body language?

Alba FV says:

4:51 that "oh my god" s-o-f-t

白玉堂 says:

Leading note is the 7th note of a scale, said the Ling ling wannabe who just finished her level9 music theory exam.

Christine Wang says:

piece at 2:54?

Lorie Alpuerto says:

your names are jumbled the one who wears glasses was brett and the one who has wrinkles is eddy

Lowhead Varney says:

you have to take it if you're majoring in music so watch this video for a taste of what's to come

Lowhead Varney says:

that noise that Brett makes at 8:03 tho

Gabriel Legume says:

I've got an exam tomorrow so ofc I'm watching old 2set
never saw the ddu du ddu du Eddy @3:40

Margery Fang says:

Welcome to another episode of call me by your name.

孫昱涵 says:

Where is the consequence?!!

Amalie Eldnes says:

now do jazz theory ♥

XxAnnaBanana XX says:

I’m doing my music theory exam in two weeks

musicaenlaniebla says:

Hi: In Peru, my country, the game "scissors-paper-rock" is traditionally called "yan-ken-pó", an expresión of chinese origin, I suppose. When the gamers prepare to select the figure they'll show, they say "A la yanke, a la yan-ken-pó!". For the rest, the criteria of the game are the same: the stone breaks the scissors, the scissors cut the paper, and the paper covers the stone. Thanks from Lima, Peru.

George Surrage says:


0128rachel says:

They need to make a kpop dance cover

Or'ad Ben-Ami says:

So apparently "minor scale" for classical musicians is the harmonic minor, rather than the natural minor?

Ra Eun Lee says:

I never thought I'd live to see the day Brett plays the Kreutzer

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