Music Theory Workshop – class session 11-18-12

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Music Theory Workshop 101 – class session 11-18-12. Review of basics, notation, triads, 7th chords, inversions.


Penguin Speaks says:

I do not get inversions nor their importance at all.

Basicspro says:

on 44 minutes there's an example of how a guitar chord would be written out on sheet, however it is outside the camera shot. any chance of finding out what it was?

raj dinaker says:

excellent sir i learned many things,thank you sir.

John Pacella says:

it would be cool to have a reference for the textbook used for this class. URL perhaps? I know, "gimme gimme gimme" LMFAO

John Pacella says:

Much food for thought…thanks Pebber.

Linus Behrbohm says:

hehe.. g-string..

Keibee Votran says:

51:25, that s open up my mind a bit bigger,always wonder what the jazz guys playing, seems like one of your student feels the same way as i do , thank u

Keibee Votran says:

thnk u so much

Manolito Mystique says:

1-3-♭5 was also used in classical music. In Europe (at least in Germany and The Netherlands) it’s called hartvermindert (major diminished). And there’s double diminished: 1-♭♭3-♭5.

Dhritiman Sen says:

2 and 3 are called floaters hahahaha

Kenny Maccaferri says:

Excellent.  From a guitar player.  The overtones part of this video is well worth watching. The explanation of inversions is brilliant and the CEGBDFACEGBDFAC thing for finding chords is – well, for someone who plays but who has only basic reading – IS MAGIC.  Thanks mate. 

ben marsh says:

I will remember you an credit you along my journeys.. an refer people to your channel. Top marks. Iv seen alot of shit tutorials man the Internet is running a decline of intelligent theoretical music sovereigns like yourself. Cheers mate

Hugo A Hernández Y says:

Hola señor Brown! It's amazing the way you teach. Greetings

jimmyjamusa503 says:

Pebber, i don't know what in the hell that was !!! i think i was watching this on my iphone and must have butt-dialed a comment by mistake!… sure seems like crazy talk on my part…. sorry about that.

TacticsTechniques&Procedures says:

“You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in a room.”

― Dr. Seuss

redflare100 says:

at 32:45, what are those chords you are playing again? Thanks 🙂

Pebber Brown says:

Spend more time doing it. Thats the only solution. Practice practice practice.

Michael Sreepuram says:

Its was very useful….. Sir i have problem in remembering the lines of treble clef and bass clef when i start playing on a piece of music i find it very much difficult ..plz help me tell me some steps or trick how to remember

Pebber Brown says:

is that a comment or some kind of question?

jimmyjamusa503 says:

@e83088…..?????!???… Typo?

Pebber Brown says:

Not available to the public.

Rap Anonn says:

One question. I tried to acces musicharmonytheory (dot) com but it requires a user name and a password. Is that a site exclusive to your students or i just don't know how to get arround on the internet?

dmarcos84 says:

OMG a lot of respect for u thank you very much

uwotm8 says:

hardly anyone might show up to these lessons. but just like that two thousand + people over the net now know a little more about whats going on within music. all the best man.

UnitedEffect says:

That's sad why hardly anyone shows up. Even if the same material is covered from a previous course/class, it always helps to hear it from another teachers perspective. There are always different ways to the same end results. You obviously open doors to these students. For those that don't attend, it's their loss. Thanks again for all that you give Pebber. Take care.

Pebber Brown says:

These classes are extra credit seminars offered to students who feel like they are lost or way behind and need some review who are enrolled in the the theory classes taught by Dr. Reed Gratz at the University of La Verne. Usually he gets swamped at the end of the year with students who want to desperately see him during office hours so he can re-explain what notes are to them. He tells them to take my class instead. No one hardy ever bothers to show up.

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