Music Theory – Using the Circle of Fifths for Major Keys

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This video is designed to help you successfully use the circle of fifths to calculate key signatures for major keys.


James Lewis says:

When you count for sharps why are you counting the F when it’s on the flat side of the clock ?

Iamdxstiny says:

You are truly a gift from god himself.My teachers could not explain the at all! The whole class looked scared

Gauri Agarwal says:

I have finally understood it now! Thank you so much for this and all the other videos!

Iam Andes says:

Simplest most effective video about how to use the circle of fifths on YouTube. Thanks!

Martin Stolz says:

Here's another approach to this topic:

eth3rl0rds says:

is there any way to arrange the scale ? for example, for D# major, using this circle, it's Bb Eb Ab D G C F or A# D# G# D G C F but the scale's note position says it's D# F G G# A# C D…

KK says:

This is all well and good to understand but when you're actually playing or composing, how is one supposed to know all the scales/keys in memory? It's not possible to always draw the circle to figure it out…

Hsien Yew Yap says:

You just add a sharp if you go one step to the right and you add a flat when you go one step to the left on the circle of fifths.

tejas murali says:

Subscribed! Thanks for being so detailed

Calebe Priester says:

I had never understood this subject until now, so you have my gratitude if it means anything to you ^^

parkourzian says:

Extremely helpful, easy to understand and remember! Thank you!

YummyhenIsBeast says:

mfw enlightened

TheAntidrone says:

Fat Cats Go Dancing At Earnie's Bar

Charmian O'Brien says:

There's a lot more yet to be revealed about the the notes on this magic circle.

Arturo Gomez Libra says:


Robin Quiroa says:

wonderful. I would like to know if a Harmony video could be posted by you Musictheoryguy.

CHARLY.PHILIP chaluvilayil says:

wonderful,thnx dude for such a narration

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