Music Theory to Explain God's Absence

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It’s Ben Show 4!
Fire-Toolz –

Trust Fund Ozu –

with Narration by Justice Cow –

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Gabriel Tafarel says:

Ben Levin, the David Lynch of interwebs…

Richard Durazo says:

I feel different after watching this, like my way have feeling has changed.

Psy Co says:

What did I just watch?

safenders says:

The devil is a time thief. It sounds like this…

safenders says:

Just so you are aware, eye enjoyed unwatching this.

C. Schitz Popinov says:

F‼️❗️, man. This just did for me!

General Grievous says:

You're 100% my favourite content creator

James Lee says:

Well of course there are 6 sharps and 6 flats on the tritone of the circle of fifths, because you're the one.

In a way time is not real, time is the perception and measurement of the movement of all things and according to Stephen Hawkins all things in this universe are expanding and accellerating exponentially, thats why we dont see it because you, your bed, your guitar, the whole world and the trees are all expanding at the same time, this means "time" is literally speeding up, and Hawkins said that it will continue to exponentially speed up so fast that the entire universe will become "pure light", more "pure" light than the light that currently exists. You'll go insane meditating on this.

4152637 latin names of the says of the week are the order of the classical planets seperated according to fifths. Turn 4152637 into 1234567, Lunedi moonday is first.

ChemiCalChems says:

So this is what a dog feels when it watches TV.

Nick Varey says:

The more weird the video became the more I became enlightened to how true human comprehension of existence truly is.

Nick Varey says:

Ben did you play Hyper Light Drifter?

Nick Varey says:

Geeeez this was meta. True art at show here, this is the beauty of the 21st century

thunder bird says:

Tampa FL death metal band
The Absence

Michał Garmulewicz says:

How can he even produce of all this himself

Justin Cohn says:

Wow! This was beautiful. Ben, several years ago, I called you on behalf of a education startup to tell you how to make guitar video lessons. I knew at the time that it was all pretty absurd and I had nothing to teach you but this puts that experience in a whole new light.

Casey C says:

LOL PENTAGRAM IS SATANIC LOL do some research edgelords

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