Music Theory made STUPIDLY easy – PART 1 – Notes, Chords and Melodies (OneyMusic)

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Due to people on Reddit asking for this video, I have uploaded a copy.
When OneyNG reuploads these to OneyPlays, I will delete this video.
If before then, he wants me to take it down before then, I will.


jeezjacob says:

9:30 WRONG! B should be flat ya cunt.

SAY10 Pug says:

Notes are just ashholes anyway, they won't cooperate if ye do.

mc mohaned says:

major minor , major minor , major minor
lmfao !

Luke Mitchell says:

He got the c minor scale wrong.

W34RD07 says:

from 0:00 to 0:28 I already laughed a lot because of him. He sure knows how to make people laugh.

Brian Collins says:

"…in a future episode…"

the bottom of barrel says:

My music teacher played this video for are class with out watching it before and just said fuck it because the class liked it Mr Brown was cool

JS Carcache says:

I need more music clases from this wise boy….


just awesome the way you teach is awesome makes me want to learn more makes me want to just jump on top of my piano and play it like the guy in Family Guy you're awesome man but I said that already so keep up the good work and keep teaching us because we need to learn we need to learn structure we need to learn piano and we need our fingers to bleed

Farare says:

Wait wait wait, ONEY made this? I saw this before I even knew who he was, I was always pissed he never made more…

GhostlyMeow says:

I only watch to listen to his voice

Panzer Man says:

Oney's video taught me more about music theory than 4 years of band.

Anthony Decarolis says:

I always lose it at that scream 0:22 lmfao!!

Gustavo Salmerón says:

BTW, I miss your cartoons :c

Gustavo Salmerón says:

Yo that was a C harmonic minor, and it was too edgy when it was created, so they made the melodic minor which goes up with a major 6th and 7th and goes down with a minor 6th and 7th. It means that, after the 3rd note, it looks exactly like the major scale and when it goes down, it looks exactly like the minor scale. THE MORE YOU KNOW

Reina says:

Where are the other parts?

Dave Pines says:

And that was a C harmonic minor

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