Music Theory Lesson – Little Wing – Chords and Solo Concepts – Jimi Hendrix

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Hey guys! Marty here, thanks so much for supporting MartyMusic! Here’s some theory study using Jimi Hendrix “Little Wing” – Hope it helps!



Marty Music says:

Thanks for watching! Here's a FREE Licks Course:

Ezonics the God says:

Marty much love my man, been following for a while and I’m so glad to see you release this video for us. Cant wait to be showing this off to my friends paired with your intro video!

bob coleman says:

Nice easy lesson to digest

Jason Keith says:

Nice lesson Marty!!!

Beth C says:

This is the exact video i needed! I'm performing Little Wing for my music assessment. thank you so much.

Carson Randolph says:

You forgot to mention you are tuned down 1/2 step….(-:

Roj Rojanavanich says:

Thank you sensei!

Cam Miner says:


Komal Venkatesh says:

What a great lesson! So much content in one video. Brilliant idea Marty to dive into the music theory of great classics; exactly what I was looking for. Would be nice if you could do 'Lenny' the same way (lovely pentatonic mix of major and minor played beautifully).

Neon Blade says:

Been watching your clips last couple of weeks. My fingers are so sore I can barely pick up a cup of coffee. Thanks

Neon Blade says:

Definitely the best Hendrix style teacher on YouTube

redddog49 rhodes says:

Thanks again Marty!

Lucas Tilford says:

Thank you so much for this awesome video!

Mike Brangstrup says:

Excellent as always Marty, thank you! Any chance you can do something similar for Lenny by SRV for us?

Thomas Lappenbusch says:

anyone know what his amp is set to? new to electirc and cant figure out how to do make it sound like his.

Steve Utah says:

Marty, on gear day would you consider a Active vs Passive pickup rewiew? I'm running EMG SAV in my Frankincaster and really like them. Not to endorse just think active get a rep for no clean tone.

Tancuber 15 says:

So.. you wanna be like zz top beard?

Steve Utah says:

Hey Marty are you running 10s on your strat?

Dawgdawg says:

youre so good and its amazing

Simon S. Hovland says:

If the guitar is tuned down a half-step, shouldn't it be in the key of Eb-minor?

Gavin B says:

I want more videos like this! Learn how to play the song and learning the theory behind it! Awesome stuff!

P Watts says:

You're the best marty!

Schmoo says:

What pedals where you using for the tone of the solo

autocrow says:

This lesson needs a love button!! Like isn't good enough. : )

Chad Brown says:

That sounded good Marty. You’re the man

Nicole Lucarelli says:

Can you please teach Everytime by Boy Pablo?

Cristian Ng says:

Could you please do a lesson on the solo from hotel california

Rodney McCaskill says:

This is my new favorite Marty video. I've been saying that I can't believe that you dont have well over 1 million subs and now youre finally almost there. You deserve it man, you've been on here forever and have probably taught more people how to play guitar than anyone. It's great you're finally getting some recognition.

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