Music Theory Lesson For Guitar – Modes – Mixolydian and Major

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Hey guys! Here’s a new Theory based lesson, I hope it helps. Also please know if you want to support me (Marty the person), please know it’s with “MartyMusic”



Marty Music says:

Thanks for supporting ME with MY project MartyMusic! Get your free courses signing my newsletter here: thx!

ashim khadka says:

i learned the mixolydian mode and can play in this modes
but i cant understand why did u use that a# note on this progession

sk8terchris81 says:

Anyone noticed? Star Wars theme @ 21:36

Angelo Balingit says:

does it mean Am scale will work too just emphasize the g root?

suckerfree23 says:

Reminds me of Jerry Garcia.

peted11956 says:

Always an experience watching you teach and play. Thanks so much. Much appreciated but my brain hurts now, Lol

Hart Q says:

Finally! The answer to my confusion. Thank you sir. G mixolydian starts at the fifth note of C major scale.

MrSavedby Grace says:

Super Mixo mode lesson. Learned a lot. Thanks

Brandon Rhodes says:

god im so confused. i have no idea what im supposed to practice. like what should i learn first? scales? theory? more chords? i just dont know what i should do

Chester Jetton says:

Sometimes we have a D'OH!! moment and it becomes clear. Great stuff here!

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