Music Theory – Lesson 3 – Pitch, Melody, Musical Alphabet and the Staff

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In today’s lesson, we’ll be learning about pitch, melody, musical alphabet and the staff.


Buzzbi says:

enrgry kids:100 teen:60 old:2

Big Tasty john says:

Why u scottish

ayannaaa _ says:

Kids: High
Teen: High
Old: Low

k yawn says:

beautful explanation!

Khoda Hogan says:

Staff: A B C D E F G A B C D E F G

Khoda Hogan says:

ONLY 150 subs LMAO

iiPxnda Rxyal says:

High Pitch:
Police Siren
Howling Wind
Low Pitch:
Lion Roaring
Bubbling Brook

iiPxnda Rxyal says:

2:41 It Needs to Be Clef Sign,but this Video Helps

Fabia Bertolino says:

These videos really helps. Are you going to carry them on because I really need them lol

Ana Esperanza Moreno says:

Thanks for the video, it is very useful to my lessons 🙂

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