Music Theory Lecture – What Every Pro Musician Needs To Know Pt 2

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This is Part 2 of my Music Theory Lecture on what every professional musican needs to know. I discuss everything from, Scale Degree Names, Harmonic Function, Secondary Dominants, Secondary Diminished Seventh Chords, Tonic to Pre-Dominant to Dominant movement.

Scale Degree Names in a Major Key:

I – Tonic
ii – Supertonic
iii – Mediant
IV – Sub Dominant
V – Dominant
vi – Sub Mediant
vii – Leading Tone

And much, much more!

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Amir Stewart says:

Brillant video… makes so much sense……some times it takes a grest teacher like you MR Berato to explain the logical set up of the sequence of a system of say what you are demonstrating… get a eureka moment….when everything starts to make logical sense…….brillant….keep up the good work…..Mr Berato

PentaPanda says:

It turns out there are part 3, part 4, part 5… part 100, ok I'm quiting music

Paul Shrubb says:

Now i understand why and when to use a b9, #9, b5, #5, #11, #13. Its to alter the borrowed chords to match the scale notes of the Key, if im not mistaken. I suppose also can be used to create tension, in jazz progressions for instance.

Mohamed Obeid says:

man!! I just love you for providing this for us!! god bless you!!

Elisabet Juan says:

Rick, you are excellent and wise. I start understanding everything but right in the middle I get lost though :). It gets very complicated ig you go so fast. It might pay off to split in two videos and go back to the piano more often. Thanks a lot. I am a faithful follower.

Gerald Thompson says:

Mr. Beato: I have been listening to your presentations of Music Theory. I must contend you have a Masterful ability of presentation. The scope and sequence of each presentation is superior. I am impressed with your step wise delivery from point a to points b.c.d.etc. You cleared up a number of "memorize" answers I provided on my tests! I was a percussion major but after 35 years of Marching Band and three years of College. I actually became the keyboardist for and 18 pc. Big Band. I always loved theory but never had the chance to look at it from a performance aspect. Plus snare drums have limited changes in sound. Gerald Thompson Ed.D

german diaz says:

Deberian subtitularse todos los videso del canal de Rick Beato es muy groso.

Dylan Morgan says:

19:33 the pink panther

Clinton Blake says:

This really reinforced some theory lessons I've had in the past. Great refresher! I feel like I can write better songs now.

Jeremy Murray-Wakefield says:

1:44 β€œThe 2 chord also has F and C” – er what??

vinnykster says:

Rick Beato = YODA of music on You Tube πŸ™‚

stanleonard86 says:

This is quite possibly the BEST video on this concept online. Just bought the Beato book, can't wait to dive in.

SavoPaddy says:

I've never done this before with a youtuber, but based on your outstanding vidoes, and out of sheer appreciation, I'm buying your book. Love your videos.

BUSTAcap says:

Rick does 2- 30m videos, now I have homework for the next 3 years. xD

Thank you very much Rick!

FifthnLincoln says:

17:30 Rick says ''Music (and Jazz)' LOL! πŸ˜‰

Ron Clemens says:

These videos are such a great supplement to the Beato Book! Sometimes I get confused by what I read in the book, but then I see a video like this and Rick brings the whole concept to life with hows and whys and tops it off with good examples so you can actually hear what he's talking about. This is the hands down the best channel for "everything music" that I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge and experience with us, Rick!

Brandon Essick says:

I wish had see your videos before I went to music school. Great content as always!

Rob Cerasuolo says:

Mr. Beato, plz check out Chordbot on Android (not Apple, cuz I saw THAT video–LOL, good choice), cuz I'm about to start playing with the G sharp…um, sharp 9…um, whatever that was…I'm pretty sure I saw that one in there…maybe it was a flat 5 sharp 9…don't drink and comment on YT. Anyway, and also, more people need to know about Chordbot, especially folks like you, so you can tell folks like students. If you check out Chordbot, please do a review. I'm not the dev; I am "merely" an 8-year user of the app, and I've seen nothing else like it outside of DAWs. Oh, yeah, and regardless, I'm buying that goddamn book as soon as I can afford it–LOL! Thanks in advance.

the sniper says:

ive had nightmares that didnt punish my brain like this vid did lol

hmivg says:

Listening to a Rick lecture is like reading a Karl Marx book: every 5 minutes you understand a crucial point you've never heard of before.

rain73ful says:

My bad. I watched the video again, and understood what he was saying. He did put the F in the G Dominant chord.

rain73ful says:

At 4:08, I think Rick makes a mistake. Shouldn't the Dominant chord progression on the far right read IV, instead of V, because he said earlier, that Dominant chords have BOTH the 4th Degree (F), and the 7 Scale Degree (B), unless the chord is inverted. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Eoghan Bishop says:

awesome explanations, thank you

Collins McCollin says:

#1: kudos! #2: at 18:30, the progression on the bottom of the whiteboard- shouldn't the first I maj7 be Gmj7 instead?

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