Music Theory: Introduction to Twelve-Tone Serialism

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This video lays out some of the basic ideas behind twelve-tone serial music.

0:00 Intro
0:29 What is serialism?
1:35 What is twelve-tone?
4:06 The row
5:04 Analysis of row segments
7:01 Row transformations
10:03 Building a matrix


Odin G.S says:

But… how does one actually go about writing a piece?

Franck Mousset says:

Many videos talk about the construction of serial matrices. Far too much. But no one talks about how one composes with.

E. V. Martinez says:

Great presentation. You have really given a clear, concise explanation of serialism. Thanks.

Parker Ault says:

Your videos are fantastic! Curious that you don't have more subscribers, although the subject matter is pretty dense by youtube standards. 🙂

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