Music Theory Hacks – 5 Ableton Tricks!

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nebpys says:

super helpful! by the way: you don't need to create these scale templates by yourself because they can be freely downloaded from the Internet

Joe Chamberlain says:

Awesome tips, great video, thanks!


I watched many videos to reach this useful advice, which was the only thing that interested me for a few days. Thank you!!

Daniel S. says:

0:50 Tip #1: Lock To Your Chords
4:29 Tip #2: "Folding" Your MIDI
5:51 Tip #3: Scale and Chord Effects
7:35 Tip #4: Editing The Arpegiattor Pattern
10:08 Tip #5: Convert To Harmony

Santosh P.S.S. says:

These tips are incredibly useful for me! Thanks so so much!

creativebits says:

Mhhhh these are nice cheats, but if you know just a bit of theory, you'r not locked to your chords or keys anymore.

Cameron Stahl says:

Another melody hack is to keep your it within the tonic triad and use neighbor and passing tones to add interest. Even over a changing chord progression a tonic triad melody should still sound good.

Home of Creation says:

The scale plugin is like training wheels for adults.

David Pereira says:

So many voice cracks xD

tdstudd1996 says:

This is great for starting out. Learning theory is even better, but knowing what notes sound good in each key alone will not make you a better creator/producer. Having an ear for what sounds good (melody wise) and creating melodies the are not only in key, but are catchy is critical to success, and that only comes with practice.

Taxx Anderson says:

very helpful for someone starting out like me, THANK YOU!

Danny Figueroa says:

Thank you… yet once again…

Bri N says:

Absolutely brilliant! Thank u!

Mika Saarela says:

Happens to me every time: when I want to hear the chord progression one more time, you try to click that timeline on the ableton or hit space to continue looping but its a prerecorded video in Youtube. Sometimes I even try to mute other tracks browse my samples from other peoples videos. So frustrating 😀

Yashwith says:

Any music theory masterclass from you guys ?

Sia Nas says:

The link for the starter pack doesn't work!

Arthur Klisiewicz says:


noah harlow says:

can you please explain how youtuber cover a song live with ableton looping kind of thing. i really don't get it how


Dj Move says:

Thanks a lot

KRSPY says:

great vid good job

Krishna Bellani says:

You're real helpful mate, thanks!!

Rich Riley says:

So does the cymatics pack come with these midi note inputs or did you just convert an audio into midi to get this, can't seem to find the midi inputs in the pack

Otto Rachacoco says:

very cool! thanks!


You’re my hero! Ha. Took so much from this 12 minute video, probably more than in hours of others! Thank you! Question tho, back at step 1 of the video. Say you were to write your own chord progression vs use those prepade ones. Any tips/tricks or links to things you found specifically helpful in knowing how to write the cord progressions to be go from there with duplicate and add melody over the top of the zeroed out midi chords. Thanks again man, you’re really good at speaking, teaching, and keeping things consciously understandable to novices! Just subscribed!

Alexandru Popovici says:

The video is great! Congrats. But the link to the starter pack is not working. Could you fix that please?

Hewy Hewitson says:

Invalid or Inactive Link

There is no client at this subdomain or the link you clicked has been deleted.

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