Music Theory Guitar Lesson – Understanding Basic Chord Harmonies

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Hello friends,
I’ve always enjoyed teaching the technical aspects to learning the guitar, but it is music theory that allows us to apply our favorite licks and tricks to our own creations. In this free, beginner music theory guitar lesson, I’ll show you how chord harmonies are created using the major scale. We’ll discuss the origins and anatomy of three basic chords; majors, minors and major sevenths. Head over to my Patreon page to download my free music theory cheat sheet, fretboard diagram and quizes. Let’s get started.

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konjfful says:

Helped me understand chords and octaves so much more clearly thank you

Tan Nguyen says:

really helpful!

2 Wimpy says:

You might have confused a lot of people. Cm is NOT A-D-G as stated in this video. Cm is C-Eb-G

Ruben M says:

Is this a Canadian accent?

metanefridija says:

thank you, that's really helpful!

Matko Pogačić says:

why dont you just write all in # or b? why combining?

SavatageOrDeath says:

Finally i found what i was searching for!! Thank you!!

Inv3rtd says:

Thank you, this cleared things up so much.

Alana Whelan says:

Thanks! These are very helpful.

Jose Hernandez says:

Cool thanks

Andres v says:

can you make a video on how to sing and play at the same time please? thank you!

Carlos França says:

obrigado!! ótimo aula

A Jones says:

this guy sounds like the turtle out of Finding Nemo and I love it.

FamilyRoyalty says:

Thank you, Rob!

Andreas Fischer says:

got it, thank you

Arceny Hax says:

This is one of the best lessons on chord structure.

Have you done a video lesson on modes?

I enjoy these more than the song tutorials imo. Keep up the high quality work!

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