Music Theory For The Dropouts #6 – The Circle Of Fifths (Piano Lesson)

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The easiest way to learn piano chords:

This lesson is on one of the most useful tools available in music theory: The Circle Of Fifths. If you’ve ever looked at your keyboard practice plan and wonder ‘where do I go from here?’ …well then this lesson is for you! With the Circle Of Fifths, you’ll never have to wonder what the next scale or set of chords you should practice will be!

The better way to learn piano:

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adhie putrok says:

i already know about at 2012, but i just see this one (pianote) today.. maybe its an effort to bring a life again to pianolessons (with your new ways), and i see a good prospect with it – just need to increasing a marketing work like create an another interactive content like a guest performance / lecture or interview and also create an ads for promote the content. thanks and good luck for you guys!

Bruce Banwell says:

I learned the circle that the 4th goes clockwise and 5th goes counterclock

xDarkAngelx says:

This is a great explanation but it would've been useful to explain the relative minors for people that don't understand how it works.

Jorge Ricardo says:

I was looking forward to actually getting a year subscription with you. But I had an email sent like 3-4 days ago and no reply until now.. Disappointed

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