Music Theory For The Dropouts #1 – Rhythm (Piano Lesson)

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When most people hear the words ‘Music Theory’, they probably want to run into the bushes and never look back. But theory doesn’t have to be like that! It’s actually pretty simple to learn, and a lot of fun once you begin to see how much it improves your musical ability.

Rhythm is one of those elements that a lot of musicians take for granted. You might get caught up in thinking about all the notes, sharps/flats and other stuff and forget about how crappy it would all sound without rhythmic variation to make things interesting. Luckily with some dedication and focus, rhythms are pretty easy to understand. So let’s look at a few simple rhythmic values that you’ll find in some of the songs you want to learn.

The better way to learn piano:

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designshub says:

LOL Just came from a 3 hour djing sesh and she's talking about good rythm on happy birthday. Cocaine disagrees bitch.

Jonatas says:

Great explanation

Eva Ella-Rose says:

So helpful thank you !

tdrum21 says:

6th measure on that one had 4 beats in it though because you played a half note as the last. Good material here though. Thanks!

Classic Piano Teacher says:

Good explanation of rhythms! Often overlooked by piano students and players. Thanks!

이주원 says:

What a lovely video 😉


Not a dropout but curious. the metronome was fairly hearable but the Mike did not pick the sound up.. ie. It was faint. Good video.

Kanye Kubrick says:

thanks so much

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