Music Theory For Producers: Borrowed Notes (Chromatic Mediant and Secondary Dominant) FL Studio

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This is a music theory for producers tutorial in FL Studio 20 where I talk about when it’s okay to borrow notes. We go over concepts such as the Chromatic Mediant and Secondary Dominant, then we create a jazzy trap beat using those concepts. This is a music theory tutorial in FL Studio 2019. Watch me create a trap beat from scratch using fruity FL Studio 20 2019 after I explain some music theory.


Kaiiru says:

Pleaaaaseee make 2 tutorials on how to make music like Jumex
2 tutorials cause he makes 2 kinds of genres, one being kinda screamo trap and the other being emo trap

Oh No No says:

You should do a lil baby from scratch video

Happy Soul says:

aaa thats kyle

Jordan Tilton says:

Sahbabii please

Tibo Gonia says:

Can you make a Lo-Fi tutorial with a sample

scruffy bubbles says:


kipee official says:

Maybe do the A$AP Rocky vid next?

Jezus Chrystus says:

Minor scales don't have a leading tone. A 7 note of a major scale is called leading because it resolves to tonic / kinda leads u to it. That is achieved by having that one semitone interval between leading and tonic wich minor scales don't have. Harmonic minor scales were designed to fix that 'issue' of not having a leading tone in a minor scale. And than melodic minor fixed that odd 3 semitone gap between 6 ang 7 note of a harmonic minor scale.

Meme Lordt says:

you should do a video on drum bounce

Abomination Beats says:

zillakami type song please

Meriocake says:

Teach basic music theory all the way to complex music theory, i think this series will be good!

CodeBeatsYEG says:

This is why you're one of the few YouTube beatmakers I actually watch on a regular basis. The way you go in depth like this is what turned my beats from straight trash to something decent. I only use free/stock plugins and I find that I can still make fire beats with that because of the basic music theory I have learned from your videos.

And the best part is that you don't have to be doing this. You don't have to share any of your knowledge with us at all, let alone break it down so it makes sense. You're the GOAT for real bruh.

ADV8 Beats says:

This is very useful, thanks.

Daniel Ugueto says:

7:09 That’s article 13 right there

Sindri Niddam says:

I see the purpose of this vid but honestly it just sounds so wrong and out of place to me so I would never use it

Anand Shah says:

i think too much time is spent on promotion, but still it was informative.

Joshua Thomson says:

One day this channel will be so big that my comments won't get likes anymore. I will be happy

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