Music Theory for Producers #11 – Major Key Chords & Chord Progressions

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Kurt Bien says:

this is truly magic dude. first magic is how simple and efficient the chord progression you've taught and second magic is how this good video has only 24 comments. it should have 24000 comments.

Knight says:

Hey josh thanks so much for this and because of you i am able to create awesome chords but i find it very difficult to create good melodies with the chords pls help me

Mr. Miles says:

The chord map is awesome. Think I'm gonna make a color coded one though. So many arrows.

AZ Beats says:

I was just wondering if it is necessary to read music to learn theory? In other words, I have been practicing the music theory you are teaching by applying it to the piano roll (it's been helpful). But, with practice I feel like I can play the scales and chord progressions by ear instead of reading the circle of fifths or Roman numerals (takes longer time for me). Pease let me know. Thanks.

Rakesh Mehta says:

Your the best

Zach Will says:

I wish that I could download that circle of fifths chart!

christian arzu says:

Again, simply wonderful! All of this knowledge and the way you transmit it is great. The most educational and informative channel I've seen so far.

Sagar Thakkar says:

In an example of 1-4-3-6-2-5-1
3-6-2 are minor triads
and u explain earlier that in minor triads we should alter some notes
Here u go for straight 1-3-5 triads
i m lill bit confuse in dat
plz help me

Hans Dampf says:

This was.. I mean.. heh?… wtf?.. why I heard of this in no other video… This is so cool… Thank you again! BTW. is it possible that you put a link to download The Circle of Fith and the Chordmap you made in the description?

Vince Producer says:

Can you tell me how to recognize the key of a sample piece? E.g. if i play some piano chords in the key of G minor and add some other Stuff to it, all played in G min. Shouldnt be overall key of the "sample" be G minor as well? Because i normaly use a program named Keyfinder, to find the key of a sample, and in that case the program told me that the key of the sample was Eb instead of Gmin?
Great tutorial as usual!

UD Sequenz says:

thought you had left us hanging thanks for the upload and congrats for 100k the subs

Guitarist6494 says:

Congrats on 100k subs, well deserved, I've learned a lot over the years from watching your vids

Danny Sands says:

100K subs, nice! Congrats!!

Pentat0nicC says:

excellent again, thanks so much

40avo says:

Congratulations for reaching 100K subscribers Josh! It would be really cool to make an unboxing video of your well deserved Silver Play Button 🙂

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