Music Theory for Producers #01 – Basic Notes, Octaves, Staff, Clefs

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MusicTechHelpGuy says:

Hey everyone! Here's the first video in my new MUSIC THEORY COURSE! I'll have some downloadable content available soon after I get more of these recorded! So hang tight, and enjoy! I'll try to part 2 up later today!

Dontmind me says:

Free?? Ur a beast mate

domain mojo says:

It all went so well, but as soon as you started talking about Clefs, I lost it completely. From then on.. downhill. I remember we had a music class in high school back in '91 which I didn't take seriously- I skipped it most of the time, BUT it was the same- I could understand the first 2/3 classes, but as soon as Felton started talking about Clefs… I lost interest and bunked it cause I couldn't understand from then on. I should've asked!

I don't even know what a Clef is or what "it references G/F means"? Does it mean that you play that note whilst playing the others or is this when reading music, the way the piano keys are arranged? I don't understand?
That "Grand Staff" thing is beyond my understanding for now.
I suppose thats what happens when you don't know anything about music or never played any instrument before! I shoulda stuck it out cause I could've learned the guitar. 😀

ROCA XM says:

Thank you so much for making this series. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time.

When I was 10 years old I started taking piano classes and did exams in music theory as well for 6 years, but after I stopped I forgot a lot of the music theory. I've been wanting to get back into music theory and been looking for programs for a long time, but all of them are either too advanced or too beginner level. A lot of them are not what I'm looking for you but you are exactly what I was looking for!

You really remind me of my music theory teacher and I was so happy when you said that a lot of students find the beginnings of music theory boring and kind of check out at that point, and later not understanding the rest because that is exactly what happened to me. I;m glad im not the only one. I feel like your lessons are exactly what I was looking for and I really want to thank you for doing this. Music is great and everyone should have an opportunity to learn about it 🙂

Wallace Haggins says:

Will all 24 videos help me understand music theory so I can become a better producer or will I have to actually take a class I’m 32 now started beat making off and on 10 years ago now I have a family priority is first can afford any extra right now also I don’t use or see staffs and clefs in beat making daw fo studio

Dennis Marcotte says:

Just starting your course…but….THANK YOU!

Jalyne McCurdy says:

thank you for this

Laurence Vanhelsuwe says:

Your videos are my only hope of ever understanding Rick Beato's… so grateful ! (low Japanese bow)

The Lost Info says:

Huge fan of the channel

King Memwa says:

I don't understand any of this fml

pavithra lakshan says:

what is the software

The Man says:

only if this was on fl studio…

Ravone' Lafayette says:

Thank you Lord Jesus! You are helping me tremendously!

IamMrMoss says:

What about the "Wy" Clef?  😉

Emery Beats says:

Thank you so much. God Bless you!

Fermin Ortiz Jr says:

Video starts at 3:30

Date Mike says:

these videos are a very good refreshment for me. I used to play percussion back in high school and middle school while I was going to Interlochen Arts Camp but then as soon as I stopped going to the camp (because I got too old) I lost interest in music until I got an interest in electronic music production, so thank you.

Date Mike says:

"I'm all about the BASS bout the BASS no TREBLE"

Date Mike says:


Date Mike says:

love your videos, they are very professionals looking and easy to understand.

DemoBeMixing says:

thank you good sir for this blessing !!

damian barrios says:

Thank you!!

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