Music Theory for Guitarists PART 2 | Key Signatures – Circle of 5ths – Relative Major and Minor

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New video lesson series! #PDCMTFG Part 2 discusses Musicla keys, Key Signatures, Circle of Fifths and Relative Major and Minor keys.

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Perfecto De Castro says:

This video explains E# B# Fb Cb

Yasuo Main says:

I'm confused on the E# part? Is there a E# when right next to E is already F?

SugarRaimz says:

You're d man!! Sir perf maestro Castro great tutorial and very convenient to understand!! Maraming maraming salamat po mas lalu po aq na inspired and na encouraged mas lumalim un kaalaman and maging passionate as guitar instrumentalist .. thanks a lot po keep doing ur great things that's truly help us !! Keep supporting u sir!! Godbless you even more!! 🙂

Taha Zubairi says:

GREAT SERIES… cleared with almost all stuff except the circle of 5th/4th. Anyways thanks keep helping us :p

Vedic53 says:

I am learning a lot about music theory from you. Excellent teacher. However, I am confused about the first two tables you had us fill out. My tables did not correspond with yours because you had e sharps and f flats and c flats. I thought that b and e did not have sharps, and f and c did not have flats. Please explain why you use them in your tables. Thank you

Winict Maximus Cosmo says:

oh my goodness.. i just found the teacher..thank you so much .. sir

earhoney says:

You are the coolest dude ever!

James Stewart Malingin Malingin says:

keep it up.

James Stewart Malingin Malingin says:

samse with me,

Alex Valdez Jr says:

idol pwede ba after plotting down the notes i apply naman sa actual guitar for better visual understanding.. ive been playing guitar for a while and still learning the scales and theories.. thank you

Jhon Moises Mayores says:

Sa inyo po ata ako matututo ma memorize yung scaling

Jhon Moises Mayores says:

Thank you po

mark lester says:

Ang galing mag turo neto IDOL dito lang ako natututo konti kontj❤️

Miles Mccroskey says:

Thank you for actually taking the time to break it down instead of "easy ways to blah blah blah" lol super helpful!!!

Fart Knocker says:


Vivian Reuyan says:

Sana mag karuon tayo dito sa pinas nang SCOOL for music so we can able to learn different kind of instruments or vocal lessons.

Vivian Reuyan says:

Again sir perfecto I've learned a lot from your videos from part 1 to part 2. Now i'm heading to watch the part 3 sir. we admire your passion and skills sir ❤️. Hope you'll keep making more videos like this. #learnings

markathony cariñosa says:

Salamat idol may alam na ako konti

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